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Theme: Geophysical, Geology, Geologic Hazard
Place: Pacific Northwest Region, Oregon, Washington, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The GeoHazardPoint feature class contains point corporate data which depicts geologic hazard including fault locations and erosion potential. This feature class is a product of the Pacific Northwest Region Coverage to Geodatabase Conversion Project in an effort to standardize data throughout the Region.

Corporate data contained within the GeoHazardPoint feature class is intended for spatial display and analysis purposes.

Supplementary Information
Source: John E. Allen, Dept of Geology, Portland State University, 1988 

Contract digitized by ODOE.  Currently (July 1998) the geohaz_pt coverage, which should be a point coverage, is a polygon coverage.  Need to check into why, and find out if there is a point coverage somewhere.

In old web data dictionary, Codes 1,4 and 18 are listed as geologic hazards but these points do not exist in the GIS spatial data: 1 Council Crest City Park, 4 Crown Point, and 18 Cape Horn Viewpoint.


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