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Central Oregon RAWS - Precipitation Amounts

Precipitation Amounts - Last 24 Hours Totals as observed at 0700 Hours.

- Precipitation is reported from May through October


Precipitation - Last 24 Hours at 0700 Hours
Weather Station Number Precip Amount) Duration Notes
North Pole 350915    
Patjens 351001      
Salt Creek 352712      
Browns Well 353428     High Desert FDRA #2
Haystack 352107      
Board Hollow 352109     High Desert FDRA #4
Slide Mountain 352207      
Brer Rabbit 352208     High Desert FDRA #3
Round Mountain 352605      
Lava Butte 352618     Ft Walker FDRA #5
Colgate 352620     Cascades FDRA #1
Tepee Draw 352622      
Cold Springs 352701      
Badger Creek 352711      
Black Rock 353342      
Cabin Lake 353402      

Precipitation Amounts - Monthly Totals

  • 15 March 2014 - No active fire data.