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Chapter 8
Distribution List

The distribution list documents the individuals and organizations who requested copies of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Potentially-interested individuals and organizations were notified by mail that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement was available. Each received a mailer requesting they notify the Forest Service if they wished to be included on the distribution list. "Potentially-interested individuals and organizations" were identified as those persons who: (1) requested the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, (2) submitted scoping comments, or (3) who appeared on mailing lists for similar projects. The distribution lists contains all those who responded to the mailer or who otherwise requested copies of documents.

Elected Officials
The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, United States Senate
The Honorable John T. Doolittle, United States House of Representatives
The Honorable Wally Herger, United State House of Representatives

Native American Nations,Tribes, and Bands
Konkow Wailaki Maidu Indian Cultural Preservation
Miwok-Maidu Cultural Foundation
Mooretown Rancheria
Pit River Tribal Council
Pit River Tribe
Round House Council
Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

Federal Agencies
United States Department of Agriculture
Office of General Counsel
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Forest Service

Pacific Southwest Region
Angeles National Forest
Eldorado National Forest
Lassen National Forest
Plumas National Forest
Sequoia National Forest
Shasta-Trinity National Forests
Tahoe National Forest
Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station
United States Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management Susanville Area National Park Service Lassen National Park Fish and Wildlife Service
Geological Survey

State Agencies

State of California
Fish and Game
Department of Parks and Recreation

Off-Highway Motor Vehicles
Plumas Eureka State Park
Department of Transportation
Department of Forestry Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit
Regional Water Quality Control Board
State Clearing House
State Lands Commission
State of Nevada
Division of Environmental Protection

City, County, and Local Governments and Agencies

Burney Chamber of Commerce
Butte County
Agricultural Commission
Board of Supervisors
Director of Development Services
Mosquito District
Public Works
C Road Fire
Chico Air Quality Management
City of Portola
Feather River Resource Conservation District
Lassen County
Board of Supervisors
Chamber of Commerce
Farm Advisor
Farm Bureau
Office of Education
Planning Department
Nevada County
Farm Bureau
Fish and Wildlife
Nevada Irrigation District
Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District
Plumas County
Agricultural Commissioner
Board of Supervisors
Planning Department
Public Works
Plumas Corporation
Oroville Community Employment Center
Sierra County Department of Planning and Building
Sierra Plumas Joint Unified School District
Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors
Susanville City Planning Department
Tehama County Board of Supervisors
Yuba County Board of Supervisors


Beaty and Associates
Board Link Communications
Brecher and Volker, LLP
Burney Forest Products
Calif-Engels Mining Company
Camp Grant Ranch
Carter Land and Livestock
Collins Pine Company
Columbia Helicopters, Incorporated
Condor Exploration Company
Congressional Research Center
Dames and Moore
Dickey Exploration Company, Incorporated
Feather River Bulletin
Feather River Industries Worker Training Center
Foresters Co-Op
Goats R Us
Gold Lake Lodge
Green Gulch Ranch, Incorporated
Hager's Quality Firewood
Heyrend Lumber Company
JRB Environmental Consultants
JD Smailes Forestry
KPCO AM 1370
Lionel, Sawyer, and Collins
Lone Pine Tree Farm
Medici Logging, Incorporated
Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living
Pew Forest Products
Pitchfork Cattle Company
Plumas County Board of Realtors
Possehn Consulting
Rabbit Creek Farm
Resource Concepts, Incorporated
Rockhill Ranch
Roney Land and Cattle Company
Roseberg Forest Products, Incorporated
Sacramento Bee Neighbors
Shasta Land Management
Sierra Alaska Mine and Tree Farm
Sierra Brooks Property Association
Sierra Pacific Industries
Stiver Indian Cemetery Association
Trinity River Lumber
Whitehawk Ranch
Lawrence M. Whitfield, Attorney at Law
Dan Zimmerman, Environmental Investigator

Interest Groups

American Motorcycle Association
Association of California Loggers
Bucks Lake Permittee Association
Butte Environmental Council
California Forestry Association
California Trout
California Wilderness Coalition
California 4 Wheel Drive Clubs
California Cattlemen's Association
California Women in Timber
Californians for Alternatives to Toxics
Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation
Central Sierra Environmental Research Center
ECO Students of Sierra College
Forest Guardians
Forest Issues Group
Forests Forever
Friends of the Plumas County Library
Friends of the River
Golden Trout Fund
John Muir Project
Kerncrest Audobon Society
Lassen County Cattleman's Association
Lassen Forest Preservation
Meadowbrook Conservation Association
Mother Lode Goldhounds
Mother Lode Miners
Natural Resources Defense Council
NORCAL Society of American Foresters
Owl Creek Watershed
Pacific Crest Trail Association
Placer Sportsmen, Incorporated
Protect Biodiversity in Public Forest Network
Quincy Library Group
Rhode Island Wise Use
Rotary Club of Greenville
Sequoia Forest Alliance
Seven Winds Council
Sierra Club
Placer Group
Sierra-Nevada Group
Toiyabe Group
Yahi Group
Society of American Foresters
Soroptimist International of Oroville
Soroptimist International of Quincy
The Group for ATSP
Tule River Conservancy
US Public Trust Interest Research Group
Western Fire Ecology Center
Western Mining Council
Wilderness Society
World Stewardship Institute
Yuba Watershed Institute


California Polytechnical Institute, Natural Resources Management Department
Chico State University, Chico Library/Special Collections
Southeast Missouri State University
Department of Biology
University of California
Berkeley, Department of ESPM
Davis, Fish and Conservation Biology
Davis, SERC Experimental College San Francisco State University, School of Science
University of South Alabama, Geography Department
Big Valley School District
Chico Library
Plumas County Library
Sierra County Library



Louise Ahart
William L. Alexander
Bill Apger


John and Joan Babcock
Chris Bailey
Bill Baker
Craig Baker
William J. Banka
Richard Banner
Jan Barcus
Warner Barnes
Dennis Bebensee
Milton and Estelle Beer
Davis and Louise Beesley
Al Beeson
Geri V. Bergen
Sharlane Blaise
Michelle Blaz
Jerry Bloom
Linda Blum
Larry and Nancy Boggs
Marcus Bole
Jeff Booth
Sharon Borden
Barbara Boyle
Theresa Brady
Jane Braxton Little
Valarie Bridges
Bob Brister
Willie Brusin
John Bryant
Dan Buckley


Kathleen Calderia
Richard and Carol Carson
Dick and Ann Castaldini
Rene and Helen Cavaille
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Cavallo
Robert and Ethel Cermak
Mark Chainey
Ron Clark
John F. Clarkson
Charles Condrotte
James E. Cook
Walter Cook
Karen Cox
Janet Crandall
Jean Crist
Kuon Custer-Hunt


Brandy Daniel
Bill Davies
Gary Deboi
Sandie DeCordova
Harry Dellera
Sid Dennison
Paul Desrochers
Marilyn Dingle
Max Doner
Doug Drebert
Thelma Drybread-Olson
Steve Duncan


David B. Edelson
Henry and Judith Eisenman
Jeff Ellermeyer
Marlin Elliott
Myrriah K. Elllis
John Ellison
Nancy A. Erman


Lourene Fitzsimmons
Donald Fontenot
Pinkie Forbes
Glenn M. and Martha Ford
Lee A. Fowler
Mark Fowler
Ann M. Frid
Jerry Fujii


John C. Gallagher
James A. Gaumer
Ray and Gloria Gipson
Jim, Erin, and Jason Goebl
Ernest E. Goitein
Ernest Gonzales
Jack Greenspan
Jayne Greer
John E. Grow
Michael Grubbs
Carl Gustafson


Jeanene Hafen
Pat Hansen
Paul Hardy
Susan Haren
Ken Harney
Stan Haye
Lloyd Hayes
Dan Heinz
Larry Helm
Barbara Hernesson
James Hines
Dawn Hollerith
Mark Homrighausen
Les Hodgson
Tina Hopkins
Robert Hrubes
Richard Hubazek
Georgia Hunt


Phil Intorf


Don Jacobson
Leo Jones


Dick Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kennedy
Loren Kingdom
Rebecca Kisling
Susie Kocher
Julie A. Kreis
Earl L. Kriens
Robert Kronkhyte
Fred Krueger


Thomas Laird
Emyline Lambert
Michelle LeBeau
Okanta Leonard
Andy Leven
Harry and Mary Liebhauser
Bruce Livingston
Alvin Lombardi
Jonathan London
Robert Lonsdorf
Kurt and Nancy Lorenz


Dr. Eugene I. Majerowicz
Fred Mallery
Ara Marderosian
Gregory and June Margason
Joanne Marrow
Jim Marty
John and Charlene Marvin
John Matley
Michael A. McBride
Jerry McCaffrey
Kenneth E. McCarthy
Helen McGinnis
Richard and Julie McGrath
W. B. McHenry
Bonnie McLane
Robert J. McLaughlin
Jeff and Judy Mersky
Bill Micsan
Jack Millet
John K. Moore
John and Marge Murray


Phil Nemir
Less Nicholson
Ruth Nieswander
Erin Noel
Sarah Nossaman
Conrad Nussbaumer


Helen Ost
James Overstreet
Frank Oyung


Carol Paoli
Roger W. Papler
Susan Pelican
David Perron
Ron Peterson and Family
Carl Pew
Mel Ponta
Doug Popperlreiter
John Preschutti


Robert Reed
Barbara Rivenes
Jack Robbins
Claude Rowher
Samuel R. Rushforth, Ph.D.


Janice Salinas
Matthew Samuelson
Robert F. Sawyer
Carl and Maren Scholberg
Rev. Carl Schwarzenberg
Nancy Schweiger
Stephen F. Scott
Ron and Doris Siebold
Karen Sessler
Paula Shapiro
Naima Shea
John Sheehan
Leroy and Josie Silver
Leonard Skotnicki
Scott Smith
Robert J. Stack, Ph.D.
Suzanne Steffen
Bruce and Leslie Steidel
Frank Stewart
Catherine Stifter
Jan Stine
Donald Storm
Loretta Stringfellow
Bob Suter
John R. Swanson
Todd Swickard


Hannah and Susan Tangeman
George and Pat Terhune
John Thane
Tim Thompson
Marilyn Tierney
Clint and Carol Tripp
Cathie Tritel
Bruce and Rachel Troedson-Condon


Doug Valby
Wilbur G. Vaughan
Robin Vora


Brenda Walter-Glenn
Jean Walters
William F. Weeden
Ken Wemple
Ronald J. and Carol Holmes Wermuth
Hank Westbrook
Dale Whitmore
Bobbi Wilkes
Steve Windward
James Woods
Pat Wormington
Norman and Eileene Wykoff


Kathryn York
Dick Young

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