This is the November Update designed to keep you abreast of developments and activities concerning the implementation of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act, or HFQLG.

Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act
November 2000


The Ranger Districts within the Pilot Project area are continuing to accomplish work as the field season comes to a close. Six of the seven Environmental Assessments (EAs) and associated Decision Notices for HFQLG projects released have been appealed to and affirmed by the Regional Forester. The Regional Foresters Appeal Decisions can be found at the following website:

The seventh Decision Notice was signed in late September and the appeal period ends November 15.

The projects analyzed within these EAs are implemented using Service Contracts and Timber Sales. These projects will lead to approximately 18,210 acres of DFPZs (Defensible Fuels Profile Zones), 366 acres of Group Selection (GS), and 2000 acres of Individual Tree Selection (ITS) this year.

Currently, five Service Contracts have been awarded and five are still open for proposals. A table displaying these contracts follows. These Service Contracts are agreements between an Operator and the Forest Service to perform activities associated with DFPZ construction. The kinds of activities the Forest Service pays Operators to do include chainsaw thinning, handpiling, hand cutting brush, mechanical brush crushing, mechanical thinning, and fireline construction.

Currently, there are seven Timber Sales that are implementing DFPZ construction, GS, and ITS. Timber Sales are agreements between a Purchaser and the Forest Service where the Purchaser pays the Forest Service for the merchantible products removed from the sale area. Merchantible products are commonly sawlogs and chips.

Additionally, the Ranger Districts are planning for 2001 projects. The level of implementation will reflect the available funding. Final FY 2001 allocations have not been made.


The final plan is expected to be released in January 2001. Details of this plan are available from Monitoring Team Leader Wayne Johannson (530-283-7881).


The Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs) lawsuit continues. Plaintiffs are currently reviewing the Administrative Record. According to the most recent schedule, the parties will file cross-motions for summary judgment on or before January 20, 2001.


This plan outlines the completion of the Pilot Project as described in the selected Alternative 2 from the HFQLG Environmental Impact Statement. Under this alternative and full funding, the five-year Pilot Project expects to annually construct 40,000 to 60,000 acres of DFPZs; harvest 8700 acres of Group Selections; and implement seven watershed/riparian restoration projects. The plan displays the Pilot Project Area divided into 31 smaller areas called sub networks. These sub networks have been prioritized to meet the objective of completion of the highest priority DFPZ sub networks first. This will enable an independent scientific panel to review and report on whether, and to what extent, implementation of the Pilot Project under the HFQLG Act achieved the goals stated in the QLG Community Stability Proposal. The goals for the QLG proposal include improved ecological health and community stability. The plan will also contain time frames for site-specific projects in order to accomplish full implementation. The plan, which is a working document and subject to frequent updates based on funding and environmental analysis is expected to be released this month. Questions about this plan should be directed to Assistant Project Manager Phil Tuma (530-283-7721).

The following table displays the Service Contracts that are awarded and scheduled to be awarded as of November 15, 2000:
Project Name District DFPZ Acres Service Contract Task Date of NEPA Decision Contract Award Date
Prattville DFPZ ALRD 1356   7/26/00 Proposal due 11/14/00
Cherry Hill DFPZ ALRD 875   7/26/00 Proposal due 11/21/00
Pittville North HCRD 1000   8/8/00 Proposal due 11/22/00
Pittville South HCRD 1000   8/8/00 Proposal due 11/22/00
Dotta BRD 224 Chainsaw thinning and handpiling 4/26/00 9/11/00
Red Clover DFPZ BRD 1196 Mechanical Pre-Commercial Thinning 6/15/00 10/17/00
Spike Buck BRD 800   FY 97  
Red Mtn-Arkansas FRRD 349 Item 1: Hand cut brush and saplings and Install firelines (4’ wide) by hand 7/13/00 11/14/00
      Item 2: Mastication by excavator and Install mechanical firelines (4’ wide)    
Antelope-Border MHRD 2,100   7/19/00 Proposal due 11/13/00
Red Clover DFPZ BRD 1196 Mechanical Pre-Commercial Thinning 6/15/00 10/17/00
Skippy SVRD 528 Mechanical Pre-commercial thinning 5/17/99 8/22/00
Jelly SVRD 137 Mechanical Pre-commercial thinning 5/20/99 8/9/00

The following table diplays the Timber Sales under contract* as of November 15, 2000:
Project Name District DFPZ Acres GS Acres ITS Acres Date of NEPA Decision Date of Bid Opening Sawlog Volume CCF Biomass Volume CCF
Butte DFPZ ALRD 175     7/26/00 11/8/00*no bids received 600 N/A
Bridge Thin ELRD 500   146 11/15/95 10/29/00 4608 9059
Cant Thin ELRD 175   127 11/15/95 9/15/00 1323 3441
Signal Small Log ELRD 832   329 11/15/95 8/16/00 5451 8047
Summit Small Log ELRD 1,603   170 9/17/95 7/28/00 22,525 5490
Pittville DFPZ HCRD 2,500 200   8/8/00 11/15/00 7967 22,525
Red Clover DFZP BRD N/A     6/15/00 10/17/00 605 1896
Marmalade SVRD 640 0 172 5/17/99 9/30/99 4,785 10,775 GT

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