This is the September Update designed to keep you abreast of developments and activities concerning the implementation of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act, or HFQLG for short.

Some Introductions:

We have another new face on the HFQLG Implementation Coordination Team:

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Coordinator – Theresa Frolli
(Tahoe National Forest, 530-478-6231). Terri has been assigned to the HFQLG Pilot Project from the Sierra National Forest where he served as the NEPA coordinator for the Kings Canyon project.

Terri joins Dave Peters, Project Manager, Linda Kanski, Administrative Officer, Phil Tuma, Assistant Project Manager, Wayne Johannson, Monitoring Team Leader, and Merri Carol Martens, Public Affairs specialist in the Pilot Project office located at the Plumas National Forest Supervisors Office.



The Californian’s Against ToxCATs lawsuit continues. Plaintiffs are currently reviewing the Administrative Record. According to the most recent schedule, the parties will file cross-motions for summary judgment on or before January 20, 2001.

Field Trips

Where to get more information

·A website is available for those with access to the internet. The address is:www.fs.fed.us/r5/hfqlg/. The website is currently being updated.

·The project maintains an e-mail address:fract/r5_plumas@fs.fed.us.

·Information about specific projects can be obtained by contacting individual Forests and asking for a copy of their “Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA).” The SOPA lists National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) projects occurring on the Forest, in addition to listing individual contacts for each project. To request a SOPA, please see telephone numbers for Forest Public Affairs Officers below.

·The public affairs offices of the Plumas, Lassen, and Tahoe National Forests can also be a good place to start looking for many other types of National Forest information.

Lassen National Forest: Barbara Massey, PAO (530-252-6604)

Plumas National Forest:Lee Anne Schramel Taylor, PAO (530-283-7850)

Tahoe National Forest: Ann Westling, PAO (530-478-6205)

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