This is the July Update designed to keep you abreast of developments and activities concerning the implementation of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act, or HFQLG.

Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act
July 2000

Project Updates

The month of July is busy for the folks on the Pilot Project districts. Five Decision Notices are expected to be issued this month. The Feather River Ranger District is releasing the Red Mountain/Arkansas decision July 13. The Mount Hough Ranger District is releasing the Antelope Border decision on July 20. The Almanor Ranger District is issuing two decisions, the Prattville and Jonesville on July 26. Hat Creek Ranger District is also releasing a decision on July 26 for the Pittville project. The Sierraville Ranger District is releasing the Liberty Environmental Analysis (EA) for 30-day comment July 13 and is expecting a decision to be issued in late August. Other HFQLG projects on Sierraville include the Marmalade Timber Sale, which will begin operations in August; and the Skippy and Jelly projects, which are service contracts with an embedded timber sale, scheduled to be awarded in July or August.

The Beckwourth Ranger District released the decision for the Red Clover DFPZ (Defensible Fuels Profile Zone) project on June 15 and is now in the 45-day appeal period. The Red Clover Group Selection EA is expected to be released for a second 30-day comment period on July 26, with a decision issued in late August. Other projects on Beckwourth include two other DFPZ projects, the Dotta Service Contract and the Spike Buck Service Contract. Both contracts are expected to be awarded in August. The Clarks Creek CRM (Coordinated Resource Management) Stream Channel and Meadow Restoration EA has been released for 30-day comment and the comment period ends July 21.

The Eagle Lake Ranger District has a high bidder for the Summit Timber Sale and expects to award this contract in July. The Cant and Signal Timber sales are scheduled for advertisement this month and the Bridge Timber Sale is scheduled for advertisement in August. To prepare for the fiscal year 2001 HFQLG program, the District released the Pegleg project proposed action for public scoping on June 6 and the Eagle Lake District Ranger hosted a public field meeting on July 10 for people interested in the project. A decision on the Pegleg project is expected in September.


As noted in the June update, the Regional Forester denied the Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATS) administrative appeal on June 9, 2000. On June 19, CATS resumed the litigation, which had been temporarily stayed, by filing an amended Complaint with the court to incorporate issues raised by the Regional Forester's appeal decision. The Forest Service has until late July to respond to the Amended Complaint.

Forest Service Public Field Meeting

The Beckwourth District Ranger hosted a public field meeting on June 12 to invite interested people to review the Red Clover Group Selection project. The people who attended provided a good cross-section of interests: industry, environmental, and local representatives came together to share ideas and suggestions with the Forest Service. The day resulted in a productive discussion on project implementation and consequently an alternative treatment was analyzed by the Forest Service. The Red Clover Group Selection Environmental Assessment is scheduled to be released for another 30-day comment period on July 26.

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