This is the June Update designed to keep you abreast of developments and activities concerning the implementation of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act, or HFQLG.

Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act
June 2000

Some Introductions:

We have another new face on the HFQLG Implementation Coordination Team:

Monitoring Team Leader Ė Wayne Johannson
(Plumas National Forest, 530-283-7881). Wayne has been assigned to the HFQLG Pilot Project from the Plumas National Forest where he served as the Soil Scientist for the Beckwourth Ranger District.

Wayne joins Dave Peters, Project Manager, Linda Kanski, Administrative Officer, Phil Tuma, Assistant Project Manager, and Merri Carol Martens, Public Affairs specialist in the Pilot Project office located at the Plumas National Forest Supervisors Office.

Also, the Project is still seeking a Not to Exceed one-year duration position for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Coordination.

Project Updates

Field season is here, and the seven ranger districts that make up the Pilot Project area are planning and implementing projects. To get more information on these projects, each Forestís Summary Of Proposed Actions (SOPA) list provides contacts and details. The following provides a short narrative of what the districts are doing:

On the Lassen National Forest, the Almanor Ranger District released the Prattville Forest Recovery Project Environmental Assessment (EA) on June 7 for 30-day comment. On June 14, the 30-day comment period begins for the Jonesville Forest Recovery Project EA. The Eagle Lake Ranger District is advertising four Timber Sales this summer. The Summit Timber Sale was advertised on May 30. The Cant and Signal Timber Sales are scheduled for advertisement in July, and the Bridge Timber Sale is scheduled for advertisement in August. On May 25, the Hat Creek Ranger District released the Pittville DFPZ Project EA for 30-day comment.

On the Plumas National Forest, the Beckwourth Ranger District has released the Red Clover Group Selection EA for 30-day comment. As a result of comments made about this EA, a public field meeting is scheduled for June 12 to formulate the details of a different action alternative that would better address silvicultural, environmental, and economic considerations for this project. The Red Clover DFPZ EA was released for 30-day comment and a decision is expected July 7. Two other DFPZ projects, the Dotta Service Contract and the Spike Buck Service Contract will be advertised this month. The Feather River Ranger District released the Red Mountain-Arkansas Ravine Project EA for 30-day comment on June 6. The Mount Hough Ranger District released the Antelope-Border DFPZ Project EA on May 10 for 30-day comment.

The Sierraville Ranger District of the Tahoe National Forest is expecting to release the Liberty Forest Health Improvement Project EA for 30-day comment before the end of June. The Marmalade Timber Sale is under contract and expected to begin operations soon. Two projects, Skippy and Jelly, which are Service Contracts with embedded Timber Sales, are expected to be awarded later this summer.


The lawsuit of Californians for Alternatives to Toxics v. Dombeck, et al. has been temporarily stayed while the Forest Service Regional Office responds to the plaintiff's administrative appeal. The appeal had initially been dismissed as untimely, but the parties have agreed to delay proceeding with the lawsuit until the Region responds to the appeal. The Region will issue a decision by June 12. Regional Forester Brad Powell affirmed the Record of Decision to adopt Alternative 2 with the mitigation measure for twelve other appeals on March 28, 2000.

Quincy Library Group-Forest Service Field Trip

On May 26, over 40 students and professors gathered at the University of California, Forestry Camp near Quincy to meet with members of the Quincy Library Group (QLG) and Forest Service folks.The forestry students and faculty traveled from Yale University, Connecticut and University of Munich, Germany to learn about California forestry and the issues surrounding the practice of forestry.

As part of the visit, the field trip provided an excellent opportunity for communication, not only with the Yale and Munich students and faculty, but also between the Forest Service and QLG members. The field trip also highlighted implementation of the pilot project.

The group looked at projects on Mt. Hough, Beckwourth, and Sierraville Ranger Districts.The first stop was the McFarland Project at Mt. Hough located on the Plumas National Forest (NF). This project was designed as a multiproduct sale (sawlogs and biomass) that accomplished area thinning. Portions of the thinned areas burned in last summerís Lookout Fire.The next stop was a project that started in 1996 and focused on reducing wildland fire risks to the community of Portola, located on the Beckwourth District. Fuels management using Community Defense Zone (CDZ) and Defensible Fuel Profile Zone (DFPZ) strategies gave the group a fine example of a QLG project and was an outstanding demonstration of an efficient mechanical thinning operation.The last stop was on the Sierraville Ranger District where the August 1994 Cottonwood fire started and burned 46,800 acres of NF land. The day included a tour of the Sierra Pacific Industriesí small log mill in Quincy, and a short time attending one of the monthly QLG meetings.

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