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Generation Green Career Advancement Program (GGCAP)

GGCAP Associates Seeking Careers for 2013

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Since the inception of the Central CA Consortium in 1997, the program has been successful in recruiting a talented diverse applicant pool through extensive outreach. Throughout the years, the CCC has placed hundreds of students and discovered many talented students eager to work for the USDA, Forest Service. This webpage will highlight talented students interested in careers with the USDA, Forest Service. These students will be qualified and competitive for Pathways or permanent positions..

If you are interested in hiring any of these "CC Stars" or have questions related to the Pathways hiring authority, please contact CA Consortium Employment Manager, Julissa Gonzalez, at

Example profiles - View Resume (link)

Degree Pursuing: B.S. Natural Resource Planning

School Attending: Humboldt State University

Graduation Date: May 2014

Preferred Permanent Position: Natural Resource Planning or Open

Long Term Career Goal: To become a Natural Resource Planner for the U.S. Forest Service

Mobility: Willing to move anywhere but would prefer to stay in CA

Example profiles -View Resume (link)

Degree Pursuing: M.S. Biology

School Attending: California State University. Los Angeles

Graduation Date: June 2013

Preferred Permanent Position: Biology (Wildlife, Fisheries, Botany)

Long Term Career Goal: Become a wildlife biologist then a district ranger

Mobility: Willing to relocate to any forest

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