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Generation Green Activities

Learn about our Generation Green Annual Activities

  1. Generation Green Leadership Camp
  2. Fresno Hispanic Youth Symposium
  3. Resource and People (RAP) Camp
  4. Wildlink Expedition
  5. Summer Generation Green Crews
  6. Hermanitos Mentoring Program
  7. Abuelitos Project

For more information regarding additional GG activities in 2010, view our program update: Spring / Summer 2010

  • Society of American Foresters High School Symposium
  • North American Youth Conference for Sustainable future
  • California Bio-Diversity Counsel - Meeting (Children in Nature)
  • Regional Planning Rule in Washington D.C.
  • Generation Green Show Case to Regional Office

Generation Green (Sacramento State Fair) Leadership Camp

Three pictures of students at the Sacramento State FairThe Sacramento State Fair Leadership Camp is an incredible program which takes students to Sacramento to assist the Forest Service in staffing the Camp Smokey State Fair Expedition. Each year 30 diverse students are selected to participate and separated into two groups of 15. Every group helps run Camp Smokey for 10 days. During this duration, students are supervised 24 hours a day by chaperones and they stay at the McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, CA.

The Bilingual students staff Camp Smokey, alongside Forest Service staff, with the goal of educating the public about fire safety and prevention. They also share the importance of caring for our earth through efforts such as recycling. Students run various stations with different fire safety prevention messages. This leadership camp provides many of our student with their first real work related experience, as well as their first experience away from home. Upon satisfactory completing the leadership camp, students receive a scholarship.

As part of this leadership camp, students also develop their leadership skills by practicing public speaking, time management, team work, and listening to career/educational development and college/scholarship preparation workshops. Students have daily allocated homework time and they receive one on one tutoring and mentoring by role models who relate to them. Forest Service and other agency staff who work at Camp Smokey serve as daily career speakers with the goal of encouraging careers in natural resources. Students learn invaluable skills that will help them achieve their future goals. They also enjoy their time at the leadership camp, as they make many new friends and build memories that last a lifetime.

To view the 2010 Generation Green Leadership Camp Booklet CLICK HERE

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Fresno Hispanic Youth Symposium

Three pictures of students at the Hispanic Youth SymposiumThe Central California Consortium played an instrumental part in bringing the first-ever Hispanic Youth Symposium to the west coast. The debut of this nationally recognized conference was held at California State University, Fresno and brought together 100 central valley youth from across the valley in an attempt to encourage and empower the future leaders of tomorrow.

This amazing 3-day/2-night event brings together juniors and seniors from various high schools throughout the Central Valley and exposes them to Latina/o leaders and role models. During the event, these mentors educate students about the importance of embracing their Hispanic heritage, while at the same time encouraging higher education. Students receive information on how to apply, finance, and succeed in college; all while learning to celebrate and embrace their Hispanic heritage. On the final day, students graduate in a formal ceremony. To truly give students the college experience, participants live in the Fresno State dorms for the course of the event with adult chaperones and are provided with meals and participate in various fun activities.

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Resources and People (RAP) Camp

Three pictures of students at RAP CampOnce a year, 15 Generation Green students are taken to Oregon to participate in a week long camp called RAP camp. Students participate in a variety of hands on activities and workshops that teach them about nature and the various careers involved in protecting it. Specialists in the fields of biology, geology, and other natural sciences are there to teach students how to enjoy our forest lands, and to show them that science can be fun. Students live in log cabins and participate in a host of activities, which involve bird watching, hiking, canoeing, and fishing.

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Wildlink Expedition

Three pictures of students participating in WildlinkWildlink is a 4-day/3-night adventure that takes students on an unforgettable journey into the heart of either the Sequoias or Yosemite. Students learn the importance of caring for our natural resources and how to enjoy our national forests. Twice a year, a group of 6-8 high school students are selected to participate in this outdoor excursion. For many of our local students, Wildlink is their first outdoors experience. Students learn how to set up camp, cook their own meals, and most importantly learn how to respect and preserve our forest lands. Every student is challenged mentally and physically as they hike tall mountains, walk on thousand year old fallen Sequoia trees, see beautiful waterfalls, all while learning about the various plants, animals and trees that live in the forest. In the end, everyone leaves with a new found respect and knowledge about nature that they will take back and share with family and friends.

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Summer Generation Green Crews

Three pictures of students participating in the Summer Crews

Throughout the years, the Central California Consortium (CCC) has organized Generation Green summer crews with the help of partners. The crews include Central Valley diverse youth to improve Forest Service lands through projects such as watershed restoration, headcuts, restoring recreational sites, and removing noxious weeds. The Fresno County Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) and Stewardship Council have been a key partner by awarding the CCC grants that fund, for example, crew leader positions and transportation. The Forest Service has made these partnerships possible, as Forest Service Supervisors like John Exline, Dean Gould, Teri Drivas and other Forest Service Specialists such as Carol Hallacy, Cesar Sanchez, Suzanne Hendrickson, have worked to identify projects and encourage the crews. Each respective district has provided funds for project monitoring, materials and supplies, and supervising staff. Also in the past, Fresno County Youth Service Providers (Proteus and City of Clovis) provided funds for student (crew members) salaries and supportive services . The CCC works with partners to apply for grants, organize the crews, and mentor the students through workshops and leadership opportunities.

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Hermanitos Mentoring Program

Three pictures of students participating in the Hermanitos Project

The Central California Consortium (CCC) created a mentoring project called, “The Hermanitos Mentoring Project”. It is a partnership with Kings Canyon School District (KCSD), Orange Cove High School, Citrus Middle School, and the Generation Green club. The main objective for this project is to have 10 high school students serve as mentors to 10 middle school students (mentees). The project serves as a bridge, helping middle school students’ successfully transition from middle school to high school. Ideal mentees include students who are having trouble meeting graduation requirements and students who benefit from the program in other meaningful ways. The mentors are accessible positive role models. The project helps students develop the social and academic skills necessary to successfully transition to high school. Mentors and mentees build a relationship based on trust, support, and positive decisions. Students learn the value of education, how to be team players, and the importance of making positive decisions in all aspects of life. The main goal for the Hermanitos Mentoring Project is to give students the tools and the social skills necessary to excel in school and in life.

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Abuelitos Project

Three pictures of students participating in the Abuelitos Project

Generation Green (GG) students are dedicated to caring for the land and serving their community. They meet these goals through projects like the Abuelitos (Grandparents) Project. Each year the Generation Green students observe and nominate Orange Cove senior citizens who are unable to take care of their garden. About every other Saturday, students volunteer to clean and beautify the chosen gardens. This project is truly a team effort, as the student’s families and other community members will often join in the work.  Projects like this instill the importance and value of community service, while helping students improve their leadership skills. Edgar Rodriguez, GG student, states: “I love getting to know my neighbors by helping them with their gardens. They appreciate the work we do and we enjoy each other’s company. It is very rewarding.”

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