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Rocky Mountain Region

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Species Conservation Program: Species Evaluation Index — Fishes

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Species occurrence on National Forest System units as portrayed by these tables is based on limited information available to evaluators at the time of preparation of species evaluations. Because these evaluations were intended to be sketches and not exhaustive, and because distribution information for many species is inadequate, the accuracy of these location tables cannot be ensured. Therefore, users must assume the responsibility of verifying that this information is accurate for individual forests.

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Recommendation: R2 Sensitive Species (SS)

Common Name Scientific Name 
bluehead sucker Catostomus discobolus
Colorado River cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki pleuriticus
finescale dace Phoxinus neogaeus
flannelmouth sucker Catostomus latipinnis
flathead chub Platygobio gracilis
hornyhead chub Nocomis biguttatus
lake chub #1 | #2 Couesius plumbeus
mountain sucker Catostomus platyrhynchus
northern redbelly dace Phoxinus eos
pearl dace Margariscus margarita
plains minnow Hybognathus placitus
Rio Grande chub Gila pandora
Rio Grande cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki virginalis
Rio Grande sucker Catostomus plebeius
roundtail chub Gila robusta
southern redbelly dace Phoxinus erythrogaster
sturgeon chub Macrhybopsis gelida
Yellowstone cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki bouvieri

Recommendation: Not R2 Sensitive Species, But Should Be Considered For Other Emphasis Species Lists

Common Name Scientific Name 
Arkansas darter Etheostoma cragini
blacknose shiner Notropis heterolepis
brassy minnow Hybognathus hankinsoni
burbot Lota lota
common shiner Luxilus cornutus
Iowa darter Etheostoma exile
longnose sucker Catostomus catostomus
plains orangethroat darter Etheostoma spectibile
plains topminnow Fundulus sciadicus
shovelnose sturgeon Schaphirhynchus platorynchus
stonecat Noturus flavus
suckermouth minnow Phenacobius mirabilis
western silvery minnow Hybognathus argyritis

Recommendation: Not R2 Sensitive Species and Not of Concern

Common Name Scientific Name 
Arkansas River speckled chub Macrhybopsis aestivalis tetranemus
banded killifish Fundulus diaphanus
bigmouth shiner Notropis dorsalis
leatherside chub Gila copei
river shiner Notropis blennius
silver chub Macrhybopsis storeriana



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