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Native American Crew


Prevention & Education



To accomplish the mission of NRCG, committees have been established to address issues. Each committee is comprised of an NRCG liaison, representatives from each of the seven zones plus technical specialists with expertise and interest in the subject area. NRCG committees include:

NRCG Board/Committee Liaisons

Aviation - established to provide cooperative interagency aviation expertise in support of wildland fire management. Aviation safety to include management and operations oversight is the primary focus.

Business - established to develop and coordinate business management policy and procedures within interagency standards.

Equipment - established to develop and coordinate equipment standards, policy and procedures within interagency standards.

Fire Program Analysis - established to provide guidance, advice, monitoring, and assistance to field units in the interagency implementation of FPA. FPA is an interagency analysis that includes an aggregation of all lands being considered in the analysis called a Fire Planning Unit (FPU). Twelve interagency FPUs have been identified in the Northern Rockies.

Fuels - established to provide a mthod to commumicate between agencies regarding fuels related topics.

Logistics established to provide organization and support for Logistics related incident topics.

Native American Crew (NAC) - organized to recommend emergency firefighter crew management policy to fire protection agencies.

Operations - established to provide a zone consensus approach to incident management operational issues.

Prevention and Education - established to coordinate fire prevention activities between the NRCG agencies, and between NRCG agencies and structural fire organizations with particular emphasis on the interface and other areas of high person caused fire risk; identify an interagency approach for meeting fire suppression responsibilities in interface areas considering the capabilities and legislated responsibilities of the agencies and those of local governments and private property owners; in addition, develop and implement an educational program about the role of fire in ecosystem management.

Training - coordinates efforts which will facilitate the development, presentation and evaluation of Wildland Fire Suppression, Incident Management, Aviation Management, Fire Use and Fuels Management interagency training needs in the Northern Rockies Area.



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