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National Contracts - www.fs.fed.us/fire/contracting
Northern Rockies Geographic Area Solicitations & Resource Lists

To: Potential Offerors
The Forest Service, Department of Interior and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (MT DNRC) issued solicitations for the following equipment/services in 2007 and 2008, to obtain resources for preseason incident agreements (EERAs). Rather than the agencies setting the price, this method requires vendors to compete by providing a price, as well as personnel and equipment information for consideration. In order to receive an EERA for these categories of equipment/services, vendors need to respond to the solicitations when they were issued. Only one award nationally will be made for any piece of equipment or service within a category. The Forest Service and Department of Interior EERAs that are issued will be for a period of 3 years. There will not be another opportunity to sign up these types of equipment/services until the end of the three year period. MT DNRC agreements are issued for one year.

Standard specifications are developed in an effort to increase consistency. The solicitations will only be available online; they will not be mailed out hardcopy.

Vendors must maintain a current registration in the Contractor Central Registration system (http://www.ccr.gov/). This registration must be updated annually.

For additional information specific to your geographic area, please contact Debbie Wesselius, Region 1 - Forest Service, 406-829-7350.

MT DNRC solications are provided via the link below. For additional information specific to MT DNRC solications contact:
Wanemah Hulett 406-542-4350
Rental Vehicles | Toilets & Handwashing Stations


Links to each specific FS and DOI solication are provided below:

2012 Solicitations
2013 Solicitations
2014 Solicitations






It is important to note that this information does not guarantee that you will be hired. The number, size and complexity of fires varies by season as does the need for contract equipment.  Additionally, you should be aware that in most cases not all types of equipment are needed for all emergencies.  The equipment that is used/hired is solely dependent on the nature of the emergency and the factors (such as terrain, weather, and safety factors) that exist surrounding the emergency.

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