Minutes from April meeting approved


Agenda Items identified


Zone Committee Updates


Finance Jim Kalitowski There will be a rewrite of Chapter 20 .Get any comments to Roberta Whitlock. There were some problems with private contractors this summer. Make sure the resource order is clear on number of operators. There was also a question on qualified engine bosses on private engines. Jim will call Emmy to check on the questions of doctors okay vs pack test for line qualified privates. We also may need a Forest Services person to sign off on State contracts for out of state dispatches.

As long as teams hire self dispatched privates, rotation system will not work. We need to get direction from NRCG on private contractors and National Contract issues.


Communications Rita Chandler Some problems with FS frequency over lap on fires. Colored channels in Mutual Aid Frequency plan worked okay. FS will probably go to narrow band next year. We should add ruby/garnet to the SCZ commo plan in the spring.


Operations Wendy Hafer Shorthaul program worked well this year. Crew removed from Arthur fire for Grizzley Bear violations may be filing grievance. MIF crews need to have a crew rep with the crew.


NRCG Bryan NRCG notes are on the web. IMT program in Montana is still uncertain. Bridger Fire in the SCZ is the only Private contractor with an MOU for training. Need to ask NRCG if Mou still valid since signer no longer works for that organization.


Bill Breedlove stated MAC calls were made daily and that the MAC group was very supportive of the Zone. Need to orientate the teams on local government and county coop and how that works in Montana.


Diana - Lots of excellent help from the South Central Zone type 3 folks on the Jackson creek fire. Tim Brickle said the Purdy and Fridley fire have been seeded with 40 thousand lbs of seed. In the process of cleaning up and inventorying the cache. New rangers in Big Timber, Gardiner and Bozeman. New Forest Supervisor Becky Heath. Wendy Hafer stated after the Arthur fire there was not much other significant activity. Rita Chandler said the new manager is Gaylen Yeates. 55 expanded dispatch support people came in this season. FS had 54 fires for 36,000 acres, dropped 905,000 gal of retardant out of WY. Jim K said maybe we need to standardize sprinkler kits. Bill Breedlove Rich Inman is retiring. Some new positions on the forest are open. There are 3 weather stations on the forest now. Restrictions seemed to work a little better this year. Big Sky airshed finalized and Big Sky protection exchange boundaries are getting closer to being finalized.


Bob Fry is the Chair for the year and Phil Perkins will be the Deputy Chair.


Next meeting is April 17th, 2002 at the Park Rural Station 1000 hours.


Meeting adjourned.