October 16, 2002, Park County Fire Training, Livingston, MT



Jim Kalitowski, DNRC /& SCZ Incident Business Rep.                                    Brett Waters, Gallatin Co. Fire Chief and NRCG Rep.

Brian Connelley, Asst. Fire Chief @ Belgrade/SCZ Training Chair                     Bob Fry, DES/Park Co. Fire Chief/SCZ Chair

Laura Dooley, YNP Dispatcher & YNP Training Rep.                                      Tim Klukas, YNP Fire Specialist

Rita Chandler, BZC /GNF Fire Training Rep.                                                    Gaylen Yeaters, BZC Center Manager/GNF Mob Board Rep.

John Branch, BZC Dispatcher                                                                           Bill Breedlove, GNF Forest FMO

Diana Allen, GNF EZ AFMO Fuels                                                                  Fred Jones, GNF WZ FMO

Tim Brickell, GNF WZ AFMO Suppression                                                     Mike Gagen, GNF EZ FMO

Steve Christman, GNF Aviation Officer                                                            Kevin Brown, GNF Helitack Foreman             

Dave Russell,  Private Contractor (Northern Rockies Contractors Assoc.)

No representative from Beartooth Ranger District present


Meeting started out with update from Jim Kalitowski on Interagency Business meeting held October 8-9.  For complete notes from that committee meeting, reference the NRCG web page. Comments brought out were:


OPERATIONS:  Phil Perkins is the SCZ Operations Rep. and is currently at the NR Ops meeting. 

Bob Fry gave comments on Team issue:  seems to be that when teams get dispatched they can’t get enough of the correct overhead to get things started once they get to an incident.  There doesn’t seem to be a commitment when people get training in a position to stay with a team.  Suggestion was that they be assigned to a team for three years and then only after completing their agreement, they can freelance.  Having people listed as alternates doesn’t always guarantee that there will be someone available to fill that position.  As always, there is a struggle to get an ASGS o a T2 teams when going out. Can one be assigned to the team as a standing member?


TRAINING: Brian Connelley is SCZ Training chair/rep to NRTC & Rita Chandler is Co-Chair.

state helicopter from Helena and the state kitchen for meals.  Uncertainty around the availability of the funds this upcoming season—will need to work with Diana Martin on this.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Gaylen Yeates, Center Manager at Bozeman is the keeper of the SCZ communications plan.

·        All updates need to be sent to Gaylen.  Want to keep the DNRC Bridger repeater frequency on the Dispatch consoles.  This should not be a limiting factor on the consoles.  Narrow banding may likely have to be dealt with this upcoming season.  Programming of cooperators radios will be an issue on fires/ we have to be able to work with each other on this by using mutual aid frequencies.


NRCG:  Brett Waters is representative. 

·        He reviewed some of the comments from Story to Boatner.

·        Brought up the Helibase & Aircraft Fire Rescue issue of training and qualifications.  This is being discussed at the Ops committee meeting this week.  Look for those notes when they come out for answers.


FIRE RESTRICTIONS:  Julie Shea continues as coordinator for this. Will need to add some cooperators to list.


SIX PARTY PLAN:  Still in the works.  Mutual aid agreement addto to it for next year.  Bob Fry will send out again.  It should be signed by next fire season.


BZC:  Added another position, 18/8—filled with John Branch from Jackson WY. 

YNP:  Filled Fire Specialist position with Tim Klukas.  New Structural fire chief at the park-Britton in place of Denny Sutherland.  46 fire for over 13,000 acres this year.


Park CO: The new interagency engine bay is in place.  Hiring going on for a City/County dispatch position.


Gallatin CO:  Letter coming out that spells out how thing work with DES and counties re: fire.  Moving forward with communications plan that is fire and EMS based—different channels that do not include law enforcement.


DNRC:  $ still and issue—hopefully this will be resolved by next fire season.  Big Sky Protection Exchange being re-looked at.  Will have a better answer on this at the spring meeting.


David Russell:  Contractors Association moving forward in the Northern Rockies.  There are about 1400 contractors in R1 with only 60 in the organization so far.  They want to get all equipment and firefighters up to speed with NWCG standards where the contractors are concerned. 


MOB Board:  They need to plan on a meeting that is separate from the SCZ meeting. Maybe before the SCZ meeting so they can deal with any issues prior and  they can invite the all the privates and/or their representative.  Having too many contractors at our normal business meeting in the zone is what the members wish to avoid.  One representative from the privates may participate in an open forum to be able to listen.  If any agenda items they should be submitted to the Chair of the SCZ prior to the zone meeting.  A private may be asked to leave if an issue needs to be discussed, Dave Russell indicated that there shouldn’t be offense to this.


Next chair of SCZ is Phil Perkins---will discuss at spring meeting.