The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Bob Fry.  Introductions were made around the room.  Committee reports were then given.


Business – Jim Kalitowski – A Back to Basics class will be held 5/22-23 at the Belgrade Training Center.  It is a fire business informational session.  Equipment inspectors workshop was held in Missoula, this class was to increase qualified inspectors to deal with substandard equipment which has been a problem in the Region.  Northern Rockys Contractor Assoc, Sec/Trea, Dave Russell, stated they had people that attended the course and are improving their commitment to meeting standards on equipment and training.

There have been problems with contract crews which needs to be addressed.  We need more cost accounting type people on fires do to rising fire costs.  Bill Breedlove stated there will be National Contracts in the Region this year, Boise does the contracting – 10 contract crews(1 in GNF) – 1 Engine Contract in Region (in GNF).  At this point nothing is finalized and still in draft form.


Training – Bryan Connelley – Zone Training is winding up.  S205 this weekend. S212 probably will be the end of June.  The SCZ Engine Academy is June 7,8,9 at Bridger Bowl.  Brett Waters said NRCG will review MOU’s to clean up issues and questions.


Operations – Phil Perkins – Type 2 IC’s and dispatch reps attended the last Ops Meeting. They discussed people for S520.  They were updated on Cache at the Region 1 warehouse.  There will be standardization of new pump kits.


Commo – Bill Breedlove/Gaylen Yeates – Forest will be going to Narrow Band next summer and will be updated the repeaters on the forest – they will have 2 frequencies when they go to narrow band.  YNP will be going to digital and analog.  This may cause a problem within the zone for communication, but we all agreed if we all have the state mutual aid color channels we should be able to communicate fairly well.


NRCG – Brett Waters – Chainsaw redcarding is still an issue.  MIF crews were discussed regarding appropriate treatment on fires.  Dave Ronsen talked about their contracting agency.  MLA issues on substandard equipment – equipment committee reinstated to deal with these issues.  There will be a resourse pool to inspect the equipment on fires during the busy season.  Each team will manage looking at substandard equipment.  Tom Corbin will be the rep for BIA at NRCG.  Dave Russell stated they have a red card data base on the internet for NRCA.

The 30 Mile Fire will be pushing some major changes in qualifications.  Out of Region IMT’s need more guidance on how our Region works.


MAC-Bill Breedlove – Worked well in the past even though we were all gone a lot of the time during fire season.


Fire Restrictions – Bill Breedlove – Our Zone is coordinated by Julie Shea (GNF) She has written an Op Plan which she will be getting out.  Bill will be the Zone administrator.  Coordination is still a problem, but we will work on improving this.


Physical Fitness – Pack Test is required, along with the Par-Q and/or HSQ – Forest required a physical and fill out medical information..


6 Party Op Plan – Bill/Diana – The Interagency Op Plan is being updated.  There is a change to Mutual Aid Assistance between agencies.  A draft has been sent out.


Dispatch – Gaylen Yeates – There is a change in their Op Plan with Redlodge and Custer NF area.  Expanded dispatch will go to Billings.  A dispatch positions selection will be made this week.  Phone numbers are the same.



FS – They are getting people packtested, Candi is gone now. Hebgen new engine crew leader, Jim Gunning.  Most all ranger positions filled.  Working on Mill Creek Fire Station with Park Rural.  Tanker in WY last July, Llama Helo will be at Shanango this year again.

PARK CO. – Smaller Depts more active on getting ready for summer.

DNRC – Garry Williams new CLO Manager

GAL CO – Lot of improvements in RFD’s – Commo trailer being put together. Mike Chesnut of the SO said the Noah Radio Station will be up and running by 5/10/02.

YNP – Have some moisture in the park.  Sutherland going to Alaska.  New Superintendent Susan Lewis.  1 Helo and 2 Type 6 engines.

BLM – Chris Hoff – Gillespie is fuels manager for Dillon Office – 2 new engines in Butte.

Vigilante Helicopter – Doing work on State section Fridley Fire.

Bridger Fire – Rod Hoibak – Training this year fairly successful.  Equipment in place and ready to go.

A & B Enterprises – NR

Bush Fire Service – NR

Wildland Fire Service – NR


The Mob Board meeting as held after the SCZ Meeting.  The rotation draw was made and and informational packet was handed out as to how the rotation is done, NRCG Mob guidelines and Zone guideline.  The following Private Contractors were in attendance: Vigilante Helicopter, Bridger Fire, A&B Enterprise, Bush Fire Service, & Wildland Fire Service.  The private contractors asked about a rotation for dozers, graders, skidgens, skidders, etc.  The Mob Board stated we would send a memo the NRCG Board regarding this.  Meeting Adjourned.