NRCG NW Zone Meeting


Location: FNF, Kalispell, Mt



Introductions and Updated addresses and Names


Attended by:

Bill Widrig, KNF Representative and note taker

Jeff Stevenson, KNF, Prevention Committee

Paul Linse, Agency Rep, FNF

Marilyn Johnson, Training Committee, FNF

Ted Mead, Agency Rep, DNRC

Fred Vanhorn, Agency Rep, GNP

Randy Sutton, Agency Rep, LCEM, Libby, Mt

Martha Smith, Sanders Co EM, Thompson Falls, MT

Dennis Divoky, Fire Use Committee, GNP

Alan Marble, Flathead Co OES, Kalispell, Mt


Committee Reports:

††††††††††† Fire Business Management:

1.     Bill Caldwell not present

2.     Went to Daily rates on most equipment

3.     There were significant changes on Water Tenders and Water Trucks. They are listed on the WEB under NRCG.

4.     The DNRC has concerns on whether equipment is being signed up ahead of time. Each Rep reviewed how they are doing the sign up.


Fire Use Committee:

1.     No changes from last fall


Operations Committee:

1.     Steve Wirt is resigning as the NW Zone Rep

2.     New crew typing is still being considered


Prevention Committee:

1.     The Zone Restriction plan is being tabled until the NRCG comes out with their plan

2.     Discussed adding a South End weather station for determining restrictions instead of just using Libby. We will compare ERCís for GNP, Hungry Horse, and Condon with Libby to see if there is much difference for the time period in 2000 when restrictions were put in place. Please send ERC data to Bill Widrig ( for Aug 5-15, 2000 either electronically or FAX (406-283 7710) for comparison to Libby. Results will be put in a table and redistributed for analysis by Reps.

3.     Discussed boundary of Zone for restrictions. We will wait for the NRCG final map.

4.     Recommend using canned ads for prevention as done in 2000. There were concerns expressed by the DNRC on cost vs effectiveness in the Kalispell area paper.

5.     The NW zone prevention plan will be sent out after the NRCG zone restrictions are accepted, hopefully by June 1. Webster will still coordinate the restrictions

6.     A replacement for Cathy York (GNP) will be chosen after new hiring is completed

7.     Checkwith appropriate web masters to see if canned prevention ads can be added to your web page


Training Committee:

1.     Nomination forms for fall 2001 will be electronic only unless the agency or unit doesnít have the capability.

2.     Neil Nelson will be training Rep for next year and will continue to shadow Marilyn.

3.     Catalog for the zone training is on the Northern Rockies Training Center web

4.     The High school training in the Flathead Valley is on going until April 25

5.     EFF AD training package is not together yet because of continual changes.


Current Committee Reports:


††††††††††† Ops Committee:

1.     Finished Type I and II selections. Type I & II ops plan will be on the NRCG web page soon


Training Committee:

1.     MOU for private trainers is in place and will be accepted and signed by NRCG. They will be processed through Sandy Evanson

2.     Reviewed NRCG spring training committee notes

3.     A sample copy of the MOU is in the handouts

4.     Will have a list of approved trainers on the NRCG web page

5.     NG wants more fire training

6.     Training EFFís and ADís. Want to present concerns to NRCG about what will happen in the middle of fire season when we need extra firefighters and contract trainers cannot provide the service. Marilyn will ask this question to Training Committee.

7.     Alan Marble; All full time county resources are trained with SURV. ST/TF training given to Chiefs and Chief officers around May 1 by LA county. Chiefs required to do DIVS training and given by Kern Co and R5 personnel. It will be all-risk hazard training.

8.     520 Issue; A position statement was in our handout package. We recommend that within our zone, all units begin dialog with individuals to guide them in deciding if they want to be involved in 420 and/or 520. Agencies will bring NWCG nomination forms to the Fall Zone meeting. Operations Committee rep will then have confirmed names, experience and background for the spring 520 nominations.

9.     A side issue to this is how can agencies recruit and develop people for all incident positions? Better interaction of fire managers with agency personnel with the specific goal of recruiting and development.


Prevention Committee:

1.     FIREWORKS trunks (fire ecology based training trunk). A master teacher training class for teachers will be July 17-19. Contact Jane Kapler-Smith at Aerial Fire Depot for info


Fire Use Committee:

1.     Met Jan 24th

2.     Paul Mock is committee chairman

3.     Concerned about training for T1 and T2 teams if fire use teams are being abandoned

4.     Need a BLM and BIA rep if we know of anyone

5.     They are wonder what the committee should be doing and how do they fit in with the NFP

6.     Recommend to NRCG board Rep that we feel the Fire Use Committee needs direction


Fire Business committee:

1.     Water Tender- is a higher rate than Water Truck, can push water and have qualified line personnel

2.     Water Truck- Waters off the line and personnel are not line qualified

3.     Skidgine- Tightened up requirements

4.     Type II engines- why only 3 people when OSHA requires 4 for internal structure fire fighting. Concerns with pump size also.

5.     An Operations person is needed for Zone Representation. Please canvas agencies for a volunteer

6.     ľ turn hose is not an urgent issue. Probably a 3+ year implementation


NFP Overview:

††††††††††† Ted Mead:

1.     State has two grants approved. Big Mountain and Jette lake area. To provide $ for defensible space and hazardous fuels mitigation to be done by residents

2.     Not approved but asked for;

a.      Swan Info and Education grant

b.     Risk Rating assessment for Flathead County

c.      Risk hazard assessment in Sanders County

3.     Cost share w/ fuels reduction to improvements, these are grants

4.     For info NFP web site is

5.     For Fall meeting: Review and update on NFP


Handout: Roles and Responsibilities and Resource Allocations

1.     Discussed handouts

2.     In Roles and Responsibilities, List examples of specific agency positions that would fit eachpositions eg. Geographic Area Agency Administrators (Regional Forester, State Directors, etc.)

3.     Graph out the positions on the Roles and Responsibilities table.


Fall meeting will be Wednesday Nov 28, 2001 @ 0900. Location to be determined.


Zone Mac Coordinator is Paul Linse. If Paul is gone it will be Charlie Webster.