Holiday Inn, Great Falls, MT

March 23-24, 1998


Attendees:  Steve Holden-DNRC, Andrew Randall-SMICC, Mike Kopitzke-SWZ, Ron Swaney-CS&KT, Bob McCrea-CS&KT, Dave Hart-SCZ, Tom Lindskog-SCZ, Bryan Connelley-SCZ, Don McKinnon-HNF&CLO, Denny Nesbitt-CMZ, Jim Grant-NTC, Mark Vore-NIZ, Marilyn Johnson-NWMZ, Jerry Chapman-EMZ.



A proposal was made that Jim  and Steve would search out the University system and come up with a short document about the opportunity for students to receive course credit when completing fire courses and present to NWCG.

NTC Report:

Business as usual.  S-200 and S-300 courses  will include a simulation that will enhance training.  A CD Rom for S-200 and S-300  is being developed.  Equipment that you will need is a PC, CD, Video Projector.  Exercises  will be on  CD Rom.  

Satellite Communication System out of Boise:  Set for May 13  with 1 primary site per zone.  Plan on being on at 1030-1130 then off from 1130-1230 for discussion at local site and then back on at 1330-1430 to discuss topics.  Orientation video will be sent to each zone.  This is to clairify 310-1 (taskbooks - performance based).  NTC will tape session.  Each zone is to submit 3 names by 4/15 of those who will  attend for session at NTC.

TFM:   Couple of scholorships maybe available for F.S.

National Program:    JAC  Academy is available to accelerate an individual to become qualified as a Crew Boss within two years. 

NRCG:  Endorsed the safety refresher plan and may be out in May.

I-300:  Was put on by the zones and is going well/material is adequate.

Would like to see a standard for PowerPoint presentations.  Jim G. will check to see if PowerPoint software comes with PCs or does each zone have to purchase. 

We are getting ourselves in a computor/communication nightmare.  Make sure everyone is receiving documents (send a reply back when you receive something so the sender knows that things are working). 

Would like people to start using the R1 Home Page.

Propose:  NRCG set up a standard communication system without creating anything NEW.

Draft PEP (handout):  Going to present to dispatchers as is.

IMS (handout):  Paul Fieldhouse - Trainees must go to training on a yearly basis.  Request that HOME addresses get put on nomination form.   Could include Standards for Survival as part of course.  Discussion about wether nomination forms were needed at all. 

RX Fire Academy: (handout):  NWCG approved.  Trainee spends one week in a classroom setting and three weeks of "hands-on" experience at HUBS.  Seems to be a great program.

1999 Needs (handout):  NTC at full staff level.  Jim Steele - BIA is the new Incident Fire Suppression Specialist. 

NTC Catalog:  Update: Only FS have access to the INTRANET so we hope to get a link to the INTERNET and have the catalog available to all agencies so stay tune. 

Course hours:  Need to be careful with requiring students to attend sessions that go outside or beyond their base hours.  You can only have "optional" sessions on Sunday nights or other evenings and material cannot be on test. 

S-420: shortage in IC, Planning, Finance and Logistic positions.

Suggested Course Training:  Propose that all "suggested" course training be "required" training unless approved otherwise by red card committee. 

Steve Karkanen:  The decision was made to let Steve go of his position at NTC but some will still use his valuable assitance when possible. 

Needs Analysis Survey:  (Steve H.):  700 completed surveys received Regionwide (1/3 response) from red carded individuals.  Non-red carded individuals will be selected randomly and sent out.  Each Zone Coordinator will be given a list of those selected from their zone.   Individual surveys need to be sent to Steve.

There was a concern as to where the F.S. is heading in terms of fire training (Surpression verses Prescribe).   Need to remember other agencies are concerned about surpression more than prescribe fire (though there is an increase in prescribe fire programs but not as much as the F.S.). 

310-1:  Part 1 & 2 - Region sent in an interagency response.  No resolution made:  FS/ BLM on one side and State/NPS on the other side.   So now they are validating all taskbooks.  No revised 310-1 until fall 1999 at the earliest. 

          *S-109 is being undated.

          *Part 2 (Prescribe Fire):  need prescribe fire experience not wildland fire. 

Tracking Personnel Orders - NIFC (Grant):  Request coordination center to track Unit Leader level positions and above.

Cost Sharing Program (handout):  Billing is extracted from the needs analysis form.  Most agencies come out pretty close but not all.  Agreed to take the actual number of trainees from the past 3 years for each agency - come up with an average and  bill on that amount.

Request was made to follow-thru with unqualified nominees by letting zone coordinator know of such individuals. 


Fall Meeting:  October 29th at 1000 in Missoula (NTC).

Addition:  Handout - NWCG Training Working Team meeting minutes of 2/10-11/98.






I-400, Advanced ICS

S-301, Leadership and Organizational Development

S-339, Division/Group Supervisor

S-354, Facilities Unit Leader

S-355, Ground Support Unit Leader

S-356, Supply Unit Leader

S-358, communications Unit Leader

S-371, Helibase Unil Leader

S-390, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations (3 sessions)

S-450, Logistics Section Chief

S-490, Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations




Prescribed Natural Fire Management

RX-340 (2 sessions)




Effective Fire Management Presentations

Fire Procurement

Incident Medical Specialist

Local Fire Management Leadership

National Fire Danger Rating System

National Fire Management Analysis System



S-420, Command and General Staff

S-445, Training Specialist



S-400, Incident Commander

S-440, Planning Section Chief



Fixed-Wing Base Manager/Seat Manager