NRCG Training Committee

Spring Meeting

March 22-23, 1999

Fairmont Hot



Monday, March 22nd


1300 -- Introductions --Dave Hart, Chairperson brought the meeting to order and passed out the agenda (exhibit #1) This was followed by introductions of the group present for the meeting.


Committee Members Present:Dave Hart, Chair (SCZ, Gallatin NF)

Jim Grant, NRTC Staff

Steve Holden, Montana DNRC

Allen Edmonds, BLM Miles City (EMZ)

John Christianson, North Dakota FS (NDZ)

Marilyn Johnson, Flathead NF (NWZ)

Eric Kurtz, Montana DNRC (NWZ)

Mark Vore, Idaho Panhandle NF (NIZ)

Denny Nesbitt, Beaverhead/Deerlodge NF (CMZ)

Bryan Connelley, Gallatin County, Belgrade RFD (SCZ)

Tad Kolwicz, DNRC/SMICC (SWZ)

Absent: Jane Ellis, (Montana County Firewardens Association)


Guests:Rosie LeMire, NRTC Staff

Bob Cunningham, NRTC Staff

Mike Dannenberg, Idaho Department of Lands

Andy Randall, DNRC/SMICC

Kitty Ortman, Lolo NF, Missoula Dispatch Center

Ron Swaney Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe, Division of Fire

Bob McCrea, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe, Division of Fire

Dirk Johnson, Custer National Forest, Billings Dispatch Center

Nancy Gibson, Bitterroot National Forest

Don McKinnon, DNRC/Helena NF (CMZ)

 Rick Hafenfield, R-1 / AFD Fire Staff

Karen Sulhein, Couer d' Alene Dispatch Center

Gary Boyd, Couer d'Alene Dispatch Center

Tom Rosenberg, Couer d'Alene Dispatch Center

Jean Claybo, BLM, Billings Dispatch Center

Lyndina Big Man, MT BIA, Billings Area Office, Billings Dispatch Center

Judy Crandall, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Dillon Dispatch Center


Last Meeting Minutes - Steve Holden distributed the October meeting minutes and  briefly discussed (exhibit #2)


Nomination Form (exhibit #3) -- A draft revised nomination form was distributed by Jim Grant.  Contents and revisions of the form were discussed and comments made.  Group was asked to further review this document and turn comments into Jim G. By 5/22/99.  Further discussions on nominations included that nominations must be complete when submitted or will not be accepted or receive lowest priority for selection. NARTC will continue to do so except for 520/620 nominations.


1500 -- NARTC Nominations -- NARTC takes our regional interagency prioritized nominations and separates them out by agency.  All regional training centers (Great Basin, Redmond, etc.) take our nominations as is.


Central Zone Training Contacts -- Central Zone Representatives expressed an interest/need to maintain three Representataives to the Committee based on their geographic separation of 3 sub-zones, or division within Central Montana Zone.  Discussion followed that the Zone should work out their needs within the Zone to coordinate and communicate between the three divisions.  One Central Montana Zone would be maintained on the Training Committee at this time.


Taskbook Process -- Jim Grant lead a discussion regarding the use of the taskbooks and their administration pre- and post training completions.  Training Representatives should continue to utilize the guidance outlined in the NRTC Operating Pland ad the ICS-330-1, Taskbook Administrators Guide.


Re-engineering F & AM [NARTC] Training Program (exhibit #5) -- Jm G. Lead a discussion and provide a handout on the overview of re-engineering the emphasis and purpose(s) of the Fire and Aviation Training porgram from the national training center out to the local level.


FY2000 Northern Region Course needs analysis (national curriculum status, exhibit #6) --


1.D-310  (46)

2.I-400   (38)

3.S-301  (105) (2 sessions)

4.S-339   (49)

5.S-346   (22) cluster with R-6

6.S-347   (17)

7.S-348   (22)

8.S-390   (103) (3 sessions)

9.S-420   (39)

10.S-440   (11)

11.S-445   (5)

12.S-490   (55)

13.Managing Wildland Fire for Resource Benefit (55)

14.Rx-300 (76)

15.Rx-340 (85)

16.Rx-450 (44)

17.Smoke Modeling (37)

18.Effective Fire management Presentations (55)

19.Fire Procurement (29)

20.Fire Program Management (26)

21.Incident Medical Specialist (65)

22.Interagency Aviation Management and Safety (28)

23.NFDRS (37)

24.NFMAS (11)


27 Total training sessions planned for FY 2000.


Tuesday, March 23rd


More on Needs Analysis -- Discussion on needs analysis continued (Grant / Cunningham)-- Do we wish to offer an additional course in either :

S-403, Public Information

S-450, Logistics Chief

S-460, Finance Section Chief


Selection was S-403.  Further discussion centered around S-420 presentation.  We need to explore putting the course on with another region more actively (Dannenberg / Johnson).  Request that Jim Grant take this to the National Training Officer's group and detail a plan to do this.


Access to MATS (Multi-Agency Training Schedule) -- acess is obtained through


Northern Region needs to explore possibilities to link with MATS for nominations, course schedules, announcements, requests for students/instructors, etc.  Can we link to Northern Region Home Page (NRCG ?)( Dannenberg)  Communications would be to post all information on the home page and each user access as well.  Need to schedule or announce a timeframe for when items will be posted (Vore).


NRCG Response

Discussion on draft. Hart will finalize and present to NRCG.


Membership on Committee.

Members of the committee will consist of zone chairs. Technical representatives will remain attached to group but will not be in the rotation forthe chair.  Rosie will update the charter and guidebook. Schedule for the rotation of the Chair will also be included.