Prevention, Interface, and Education Committee

Meeting Notes

MINUTES OF OCTOBER 12 & 13 , 1999

The Prevention and Education Committee met at 0900, October 12, 1999 in Yellowstone National Park.


Mike Dannenberg, Chair

Diana Enright, Rep for NW MT, Absent

Connie Fox, Rep for SW MT

Dick Rath, Rep for SC MT, Absent

Pat Mullaney, Rep for E. MT

John Allhands, Rep for Central MT

North Dakota, Vacant

North Idaho, Vacant

Ann Acheson, Tech Spec. in education, Absent

D.C. Haas, Tech. Spec.

Denny Sutherlund, Tech. Spec.

Lee Clark, Tech. Spec.

Jim Green, MT. DES, absent

Bruce Suenram, Tech. Spec.,

Cathy Scofield, USFS, Absent

Bill Peterson, Tech Spec.

Mary Alice Stoner for Scofield and Acheson


.Prevention Workshop

The first topic of discussion was a joint meeting with the Great Basin Prevention Committee to finalize efforts to create the Great Basin/Northern Rockies Fire Prevention Workshop.

The Great Basin Prevention Committee has hosted a fire prevention workshop every year since 1992. This workshop is recognized as one of the best in the nation. The Northern Rockies Prevention Committee was interested in sponsoring a prevention workshop, so did a joint workshop with the GB in Coeur d'Alene April,99. This joint venture worked well enough that both committees agreed to work together in hosting one workshop. This would simplify the process and prevent competition for speakers.

In order to facilitate the organization of this joint venture, both prevention committees met in Yellowstone Park. Topics of discussion included finance, site rotation, and dates. It was decided that the workshop would rotate between Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. If North Dakota wishes to host a workshop, they will be added into the rotation. The date for the workshop will be late April / early May every year. The financing of this workshop has historically been from a registration fee and $2000 from the Geographical Area. The committees discussed continuing this pattern, and it was agreed that both Geographical Areas would contribute $2000 if needed to above registration fees to cover expenses.

The 2001 Prevention Workshop will be held in Montana, and a Workshop site location group was assigned.

Task: Decide on Montana site for 2001 Workshop.

Assigned: Connie Fox, Pat Mullaney, DC Haas, and Lee Clark

Task: Northern Rockies Committee members to assist with the planning of the 2000 Workshop.

Assigned: Mike Dannenberg, Pat Mullaney, & Connie Fox

Note: These three committee members have met with the GB workshop committee members to begin the planning process for the workshop 2000.


Jim Kitchens, Yellowstone N.P Fire Prevention Technician gave a presentation on using prescribed fire to reduce fuel buildup in the park. This program is guided by various resource objectives, one of which is hazard fuel reduction for structure protection. Jim showed how the 1988 fires left strips of unburned fuel across the park, and how this fuel could threaten park structures.

Discussed the possibilities of an interpretive site within Yellowstone N.P. located near one of the structure compounds describing fire ecology and defensible space. This type of prevention/education display could reach more people in one summer than all the prevention actions taken at state and county fairs combined.

Task: Send a letter to the Chief of Interpretation suggesting the Northern Rockies Prevention Committee work with YNP in creating a defensible space interpretive site.

Assigned: Mike Dannenberg

Firewise Program

Mary Alice Stoner presented a program being used in Alaska called Firewise. The committee pointed out that there numerous programs on how to fire safe your home and numerous programs on how to present this information to the homeowner.

Task: Review the defensible space /urban interface programs being used and select one or two for use in the Northern Rockies.

Assigned: Cathy Scofield, Denny Sutherlund, Pat Mullaney, and DC Haas

Strategic Plan

The committee finalized work on the Committee's Strategic Plan. This document is to be a guide for the next five years. This document was reviewed to see if goals were achievable and also compared this document with tasks assigned by the NRCG. The attached paper will be the action plan for the Northern Rockies Prevention Committee. Thank you to Pat Mullaney for his time on this project. (See appendix a)

Prevention Team

Discussed the use of a National Prevention Team in the Northern Rockies during the 1999 fire season. Reviewed the teams written report, and felt that there were some short comings in the report. Also asked questions regarding the NR Restrictions and Closure Policy.

Task: Develop guidelines for the use of prevention teams and restrictions within the region.

Assigned: None

Interface Codes

The committee has begun work on reviewing the various Urban/Interface Codes and will prepare a presentation to NRCG for the endorsement of one.

Next Meeting

The next meeting was scheduled for the 18-20 of January, 2000. This meeting needs to be moved up a week to the 11-13 of January. If this is a problem, lets talk.