Northern Rockies Coordinating Group

Prevention and Education Committee

Meeting Notes

February 11-13, 2002


Members Present:


Cathy Scofield


Connie Fox


Brent Christopherson

County Fire Wardens, Miles City

Tim Sayles

Missoula Rural Fire District

Marci Goheen

USFS, Kootenai NF

Sandy Groth

USFS, North Idaho

Mike Dannenberg

BLM, MT State Office

Bill Breedlove

USFS, Gallatin NF

Pat Cross

DNRC, Missoula

Terina Mullen

USFS, Lewis & Clark NF

Denny Sutherland

NPS, Yellowstone Park

Dean Sprandel

BLM, Miles City

Marianne Baumberger

USFS, Gallatin NF



Discussion Items:




Review of last meetings minutes.

       Member Roles & Responsibilities: Stress communication and the responsibility to get the information out.

       Great Basin P & E Workshop: Confusion exists due to the Olympics.

       Readiness Review: Make sure to include prevention ,mitigation and education component. Will have 2-3 committees for eastern zone review.

       Preparedness Levels: Still needs action.

       Restrictions: Making progress on action plan items, excluding the communication plan.

       Living with Fire: Available from Mike @ BLM or Pat @ DNRC.










Terina will work on communication plan, with the help of Cathy and Mike.

Prevention, Mitigation and Education Directory

       Compile mailing lists from workshops, etc.

       Construct by zones (for communication purposes)

       Have by next years workshop

       Include on website, with official business info only

       Must update on yearly basis

Sandy will design template and send to zone reps. Reps will complete information and return to Sandy.

(March 8th)

Urban Interface Field Guide

       Proposing photo guide (flip-chart style)

       BLM has interest and funding ($80-120K to contract out)

       Target professional public and employees

       NRCG endorsement would qualify it as an inter-agency project

       Mike asking for comments and suggestions

       Could double as training package for urban interface

       Take 4 to 5 months to create proposal

Submit comments and suggestions to Mike.


       Committee business on NRCG website

       Need one for external public (w/links, messages, events)

       Would be a central point of information

Need more research.

Prevention Training

       April 22 through 26

       Industrial operations and railroads

       2 days in classroom, 2 days in field (per topic)

       Target those doing inspections

Connie, Tim, Pat and Cathy to coordinate.

Restrictions Document

      Are boundaries finalized?

      Look at area descriptions for accuracy. Add YNP to southcentral.

      Decide who has authority to issue permits.

      Decide who has authority for enforcement of violations?

      Appendix for exemptions/mitigated measures.

      Documents need to be reworked and complete by June 1st. Will need more agency review/feedback. Include statement regarding guidelines only, etc. Additions to Proposed Exemptions and Standards include the following: Agriculture, Construction for New Home and Road Construction).

      Electronic version of area plans placed on website (contact info?)

Agency administrators agree on boundaries. Mike to rework documents with additions/changes.

Restrictions Training Package

      Need a Train-the-Trainer

      Should have a training in each area by the end of May

      Meeting with area coordinators by the end of March

      Dena presented PowerPoint training package

Training for area coordinators Friday, March 29 at 10:00. University Room at the Bozeman Holiday Inn


WUI Assessment Form

       Discussed need for standardized form for consistency

       Discussed need for consistency w/people doing inspections

       Passed out and discussed several examples of rating forms

Needs further research

2003 NR Workshop Topics

       Brainstorm and submit topics to Mike

       Put together ICS team at next meeting

       Possible locations in SE Idaho (Sun Valley, Pocatello, ID Falls)

       Will look at brochures from John Skinner regarding facilities

All submit ideas to Mike.

Zone Reports

      Northwest Montana

         concerns regarding interpretation of restrictions

         communication during restriction time

         looking for modules for educational opportunities

       Southwest Montana

         working on area plan and boundaries

         planning spring meeting and restrictions training for zone

       North Idaho

         planning spring meeting (end of May/beginning of June)

         area plan?

       Central Montana

         working on fire prevention plan

         working on area plan and boundaries

       Eastern Montana

         need a meeting for all the new hires

         volunteer assistance program for rural FD in ND and SD

       Fire Wardens

         appreciate opportunity to participate in committee

         communication continues to be important


       USFS R1

        excited about new director



Next Meeting

       May 20-23 in Coeur dAlene

Sandy to coordinate.