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The Northern Rockies Coordinating Group (NRCG) Board of Directors is composed of representatives from the following organizations:

     Montana County Fire Wardens Association
     Montana Disaster and Emergency Services Division
     Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
     Idaho Department of Lands
     North Dakota Forest Service
     U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
     National Park Service
     Bureau of Indian Affairs
     Bureau of Land Management
     U.S. Forest Service
     Montana State Fire Chiefs’ Association
     Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

The NRCG Board of Directors assumes responsibility for all aspects of fire management within the Northern Rockies through a concept of shared program leadership. NRCG strives for consensus rule. NRCG Board of Directors:

• Deal primarily with broad, strategic issues and plan for them from an integrated agency
• Ensure agency administrators are informed and involved as appropriate in fire management
   issues and operational procedures.
• Oversee and foster the planning and execution of fire programs through local, interagency
   networks of Zones, Committees, and Task Forces.
• Are responsible for the overall preparedness and performance of all fire service
   organizations in the Geographic Area. Fire reviews may be initiated by NRCG as a way
   to monitor performance.
• Function as the Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) Group as required.
• Establish procedures for, and implementation, selection, and management of Northern
   Rockies Type I Teams. Management of teams is delegated to the Operations Committee.
• Provide Geographic Area input to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.
• Annually establish, review, and approve the Northern Rockies Geographic Area
   Interagency Mobilization Guide.
• Provide oversight (through Committees) to the Northern Training Center, the Northern
   Region Fire Cache, and the Northern Rockies Coordination Center.
• Review and approve annual interagency supplements to the Fire Business Management
   Handbook and the Fireline Handbook.


The NRCG Board of Directors will appoint a Chair and Vice-Chair who will serve for 1 year.

The Vice-Chair shall advance to the office of Chair after the completion of 1 year or upon the permanent vacancy of the Chair.

The Chair and Vice-Chair are responsible for the overall operations of NRCG.

The Chair calls the meetings and conference calls, sets the agenda, facilitates the meetings and facilitates efforts to reach agreements on issues.

The Chair will sign NRCG decision documents. A signature by the Chair represents consensus agreement by all of the NRCG participating agencies.

The Business Manager reports to the Chair.

The Business Manager will ensure meeting notices are distributed, minutes of the meeting are taken, edited, filed and distributed; products from working groups are reproduced and distributed to NRCG members and agencies.

The Business Manager tracks work commitments, distributes executive committee tasks, prepares decision documents and conducts follow up on the status of NRCG decision implementation.



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