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Research Topics

Wildlife & Fish: Bird Monitoring

Links to Other Ornithological Home Pages and Related Information:
For those looking for more information on birds, there is a wide variety of bird-related home pages, from current rare bird sightings to scientific institutions. Below, we have set up links to some of the bird-related home pages for you to browse. Our thanks go to Dave Krueper, Bureau of Land Management, for ferreting out many of the links which started this bird page listing. If you have any links to add to this listing, especially stations that might be interested in joining the Landbird Migration Monitoring Network of the Americas (and see the station listing on this linked page), please contact the webmaster for this page,
  • Linda Long.

    Partners in Flight Home Pages

    Federal Agency Ornithological Projects

    Educational Institutions and Ornithological Societies

    Bird Observatories

    For more Western Hemisphere bird observatories, please see Migration Monitoring Network Banding Stations and Observatories.

    Birding Guides, Organized Counts, General Ornithological Information



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