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Caspar Creek Experimental Watershed Study


Due to technical problems, data downloaded before 8/16/2 contained errors that have now been corrected. Specifically:

  1. Rainfall (corrected 8/16/2002):
    1. Reconstructed and adjusted instantaneous data: errors in tip values and daily totals.
    2. Daily data (both list and tabular formats): errors in daily totals when contributing instantaneous values were reconstructed or adjusted.
  2. Streamflow daily data (corrected c. 5/09/2002):
    1. Reconstructed data were formerly treated as missing.
    2. Min, mean, and max discharge now include reconstructed data and are coded NA if entire day is missing.
    3. Quality codes for mean are now based on all non-missing data including reconstructions.
    4. Quality codes for min and max have been redefined as the code from the specific record in which the min or max occurred.
  3. Temperature (corrected c. 7/15/2002):
    1. Codes have been changed to reflect data quality, where previously codes indicated start and end of a data set.
    2. Gaps greater than 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the recording interval, have been coded as missing data.
    3. Temperature extremes, if not documented as reasonable, have been coded when:
      1. air temperature was less than 3.0 deg C or greater than 33 deg. C;
      2. water temperature was less than 0.5 deg. C or greater than 28 deg. C.
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