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Research Topics Water & Watersheds

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Caspar Creek Experimental Watershed Study

Photo Gallery

ARF Station

[Gravel_pits] ARF gravel pits.

[Boom] ARF boom.

[Section] ARF section.

[Sill] ARF sill.

NFC Station

[Boom_weir] NFC weir, with fish ladder under construction (Dec. 7, 1962; CHG-8043).

[Boom_weir] NFC boom with weir.

[Pond] NFC pond.

[Weir] NFC weir.

XYZ Station

[Boom] XYZ boom construction.

[Boom] XYZ boom construction.

[Boom] XYZ boom alignment in the stream.

[Boom] XYZ boom, weir and shelter after construction.

[Boom] XYZ boom arm intake structure.

[Boom] XYZ detail of intake arm and boom joint.

[Boom] XYZ close-up of intake arm and boom joint.

[Boom] XYZ detail of boom structure.

[Boom] XYZ detail of arm adjustment mechanism.

[Boom] XYZ boom configuration.

[Flume] XYZ flume, bridge, boom and shelter.

[Flume] XYZ downstream view from flume.

[Flume] XYZ upstream view from flume.

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