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Recreation: Changing Research Patterns

Ethnicity and Recreation: An Abridged Annotated Bibliography

This unpublished report was compiled by Dr. Edwin Gómez (Old Dominion University), and it was prepared for researchers and practitioners interested in the relationship between ethnicity and recreation. Except for key articles in the race/ethnicity and leisure/recreation literature, this annotated bibliography reviews articles published in the 1990s through to 2002, with one 2003 reference on acculturation. Ninety-four articles were annotated for this bibliography, and five additional citations of special issues and compilations were included.

The primary focus was placed on journal articles, proceedings, and technical reports. The goal for the bibliography was to present a variety of articles that incorporated conceptual issues and definitions, critiques, qualitative/quantitative research, and articles that provide valuable insight. The annotated bibliography was divided into five sections: (1) Environment, Outdoor Recreation, & Leisure Space (10 articles); (2) Acculturation Scales and Concepts (21 articles); (3) General Studies, Commentaries, and Reviews (17 articles); (4) Studies focused on African Americans (18 articles); Studies focused on Latino/Hispanic Americans (13 articles); Studies focused on Asian Americans (9 articles); Studies focused on Native Americans (3 articles); and a final section on books, compilations, and special issues related to race/ethnicity.

Practitioners/managers interested in the relationship between ethnicity and recreation can use the annotated bibliography, especially as it relates to resource management. Additionally, the section on acculturation should prove to be insightful for researchers who are developing ways of measuring the phenomenon, as well as practitioners whose organizations interact with various immigrant groups. Highlights include African American experiences in Australia, as well as a reference that defines the differences between the terms "Latino," "Chicano," "Hispanic," and the historical context for these terms.

Publications and Products related to this subject:

Gomez, E. 2003. Ethnicity and recreation: An abridged annotated bibliography. Unpublished report. Norfolk, VA: Recreation and Tourism Studies Program, Department of Exercise Science, Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation, Old Dominion University. 57 p.

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