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Research Topics Ecosystem Processes

Sierra Nevada Ecosystems

Western Utilization and Marketing Project

The Research

Between 2001 and 2003, The US Forest Service funded approximately 450 projectsintended to increase the use and marketing of lower value woody material removed as a result of hazardous fuels reduction and forest restoration activities. Most of these projects were funded through State and Private Forestry, using Economic Action Program funds allocated to the National Fire Plan's Community Assistance Program.
Recently, the State and Private Forestry coordinators in Regions 5 and 6 initiated an inventory of the full range of projects funded in the western states and Alaska to strengthen utilization and marketing efforts, and to analyze the projects to help increase and disseminate the base of knowledge being acquired through these projects.


The goal of the inventory and analysis project is to provide more robust tools to the Forest Service, its partnership agencies, and its publics to improve program implementation and effectiveness. Its purpose is to assist EAP and National Fire Plan Community Assistance coordinators, and their key partners, in developing better overall program implementation and making the public more aware of the wealth of new information being developed through this National Fire Plan program.

Methods and Design

Santa Clara furnitureTeam members worked with Forest Service Region 1-6 EAP coordinators and other staff to gather and analyze utilization and marketing project information. The project team worked closely with a steering committee to ensure quality control and to identify program needs. The team also interviewed several project grantees in each Region to gain a better understanding of applicants' needs and experiences.

Application of Research Results

Results of this inventory and analysis project are expected to help program coordinators target funds more effectively, coordinate their program assets with other funding mechanisms, and identify technical transfer opportunities and partnerships. Cumulative project information has been gathered into an electronic database for later distribution to a large number of communities and businesses involved with small-wood use and marketing.


Western United States

Lead Scientists/Collaborators

blue arrrowDr. Mark Nechodom [Project Leader], Research Social Scientist at the Sierra Nevada Research Center of the Pacific Southwest Research and Experiment Station.
blue arrrowDr. Dennis Becker is a Research Scientist with the Pacific Northwest Research and Experiment Station, focusing on economic utilization and small-diameter timber in the West.
blue arrrowMr. Dean Graham is the Utilization and Marketing Specialist for Forest Service Regions 1 and 4.
blue arrrowMs. Eini Lowell is a Research Forest Products Technologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station.
blue arrrowMr. Tad Mason, Vice President for Forestry, TSS Consultants in Rancho Cordova, California.
blue arrrowDr. John Shelly, Wood Products Development, University of California Cooperative Extension.
blue arrrowMr. Adam Barnett, Social Science Analyst at the Pacific Southwest Research Station, US Forest Service.

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