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Sierra Nevada Ecosystems

Northern Goshawk: Habitat Conservation Assessment for California

The Research

Northern goshawks are of increasing conservation attention because of concern photo of goshawkregarding population trends and the effects of management on habitat. As a top-trophic level carnivore with large spatial requirements, low breeding density, and associations with late-seral forest structures for some aspects of their life history, goshawks exhibit ecological characteristics of species that may be particularly sensitive to forest management practices that reduce or fragment habitat. The species has been petitioned three times in the last ten years for listing under the Endangered Species Act throughout all or portions of it's range in western North America. Currently no information exists on population trends for any bioregion and knowledge of habitat requirements is limited. We are conducting a Habitat Conservation Assessment to compile and synthesize information on the distribution and ecology of northern goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) in California in order to evaluate their current status, generate management recommendations, and identify research and monitoring priorities.


blue arrrow To synthesize and evaluate historic and current distributional records of northern goshawks in California to delineate current breeding range and determine if there have been changes in the geographic range of the species over the past century.
blue arrrow To compile and evaluate knowledge on northern goshawk ecology (e.g., habitat relationships, prey relations, demography) by major forest type in California
blue arrrow To provide management recommendations and identify priority monitoring and research needs.


photo of a map of the Sierra Nevada EcoregionSierra Nevada Bioregion plus remainder of California exclusive of the Mohave Desert.

Lead Scientists/Collaborators

1) Keane, J.J.; 2) Woodbridge, B.

1) USDA Forest Service,
Pacific Southwest Research Station
Sierra Nevada Research Center
2121 Second Street, Suite A-101
Davis, CA 95616
fax: 530-747-0241

2) US Fish and Wildlife Service
1312 Fairlane Rd
Yreka, CA 96097
Ph: 530-842-4471

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