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Research Topics

Ecosystem Processes

Main Topic | Tropical Ecosystems | Sierra Nevada Ecosystems

Nowhere is the competition for land use higher or more controversial than in the Pacific Southwest and Pacific Islands regions. Public awareness of environmental issues is higher here than in any other region of the United States, and per capita consumption of forest products is the highest in the world. Natural ecosystems and human populations are more diverse here than anywhere else in the world.

The specific goal of our research is to understand the relationhips of the many components of forest ecosystems and to further understand the influences of the current or proposed land management.

Major Research Initiatives:

[Photo]: Monster Crab Tropical Ecosystems: Research to develop and implement knowledge needed to restore, protect, and sustain upland and wetland forests of the Pacific for purposes of conservation and utilization. More about this topic.

Sierra Nevada Ecosystems: The Sierra Nevada Research Center conducts research in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, an ecoregion of national and international significance. With a full spectrum of research initiatives from long-term, fundamental research to short-term, tactical applications, the Center seeks to support conservation, restoration, and sustainable utilization of lands within the Sierra Nevada ecoregion. More about this topic.

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