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Research Topics: Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation Science

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Westwide Climate Initiative - Toolkit Project

Bishop 2009 Climate Change Workshop

Evaluating Climate Change in the Eastern Sierra Nevada:
Adaptation Options for Planning & Project Implementation
Workshop in progress

This workshop was a collaborative effort between the Inyo National Forest and the Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) as part of the Toolkit Project of the Westwide Climate Initiative.

The workshop was held September 22-23, 2009 in Bishop, CA.

Workshop Agenda
Workshop Attendees
Panel and Breakout Questions
Eastern Sierra Climate Change Background Review
Inyo National Forest Climate Projections


DAY 1:

Cayan, Dan. USGS and Scripps. How Will Climate Change Affect Water Resources in the Eastern Sierra?

Farrar, Chris. USGS. Effects on the Hydrosphere and Lithosphere from Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Temperature

Klinger, Rob. USGS. Beyond Thermometers & Rain Gauges: Direct & Indirect Ecological Responses To Climate Change In The Sierra Nevada

Safford, Hugh. USFS, Region 5 RO. Ecological Effects of Climate Change in the Eastern Sierra Nevada

Whitall, Debra. USFS, Region 5 RO. Social Challenges to Climate Change

Millar, Connie. USFS, Pacific SW Research Station. Managing For Climate and Climate Impacts A Conceptual Framework for Western Public Lands

DAY 2:

Morelli, Toni Lyn. USFS, Pacific SW Research Station. Specific Tools

Lutrick, Erin. USFS, Inyo NF. Climate Change and Water/Aquatic Dependent Resources - Inyo National Forest

Sims, Lisa. USFS, Inyo NF. Challenges for Preservation of Listed Fish Species in the Context of Disappearing Resources

Peterson, Matt. USFS, Inyo NF. Wilderness and Climate Change

Nelson, Kathleen and Michelle Slaton. USFS, Inyo NF. Vegetation

Murphy, Leeann. USFS, Inyo NF. Managing for Wildlife Habitats

Bulaon, Bev. USFS. Insects and Diseases

Cook-Fisher, Jonathan. USFS, Inyo NF. Recreation

Upham, Nancy. USFS, Inyo NF. Rural Community Issues

Dulen, Deanna. NPS, Devils Postpile. Devils Postpile National Monument Challenges and Opportunities in Managing for Climate Change


DOI Order 3289 - Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on America's Water, Land, and Other Natural and Cultural Resources
Article - "The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change"
Article - "Ten Things Community Foundations Can Do to Address Climate Change through Local Action"
Article - "What you can do at school"

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