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Publications and Products

The publications that can be accessed from links below are those produced and printed by the Pacific Southwest Research Station. There are many more publications produced by our scientists through other outlets. These may be available through the invidividual project pages.


GTR-198 Proceedings of the Symposium on Ponderosa Pine: Issues, Trends, and Management

Martin W. Ritchie, Douglas A. Youngblood, and Andrew Youngblood, Technical Coordinators

Format: PDF 12.6 MB

GTR-196 Proceedings of the Sudden Oak Death Second Science Symposium: The State of Our Knowledge

Susan J. Frankel, Patrick J. Shea, Michael I. Haverty, Technical Coordinators

Format: PDF 12.6 MB

GTR-195 Planning for Biodiversity: Bringing Research and Management Together
Proceedings of a Symposium the South Coast Ecoregion

Barbara E. Kus and Jan L. Beyers, Technical Coordinators

Format: PDF 11.1 MB

GTR-194 Proceedings of the Redwood Region Forest Science Symposium: What Does the Future Hold?

Richard B. Standiford, Gregory A. Giusti, Yana Valachovic, William J. Zielinski, Michael J. Furniss, Technical Editors

GTR-193 Proceedings of the Sierra Nevada Science Symposium: Science for Management and Conservation

Dennis D. Murphy and Peter A. Stine, Editors

CD version of this publication is available from the Fort Collins distribution center Index
CD version available from Fort Collins Distribution Center, large file, download not advisable, set browser to view

GTR-191 Bird Conservation Implementation and Integration in the Americas: Proceedings of the Third International Partners in Flight Conference

C. John Ralph and Terrell D. Rich, Editors

CD version of this publication available from Fort Collins distribution center.

GTR-181 Proceedings of the Symposium on the Ecology and Management of Dead Wood in Western Forests

William F. Laudenslayer, Jr., Patrick J. Shea, Bradley E. Valentine,
C. Phillip Weatherspoon, and Thomas E. Lisle Technical Coordinators

A CD of the publication is available from our Fort Collins distribution center.
Index Format: PDF

GTR-178 Proceedings of the California Forest Soils Council Conference on Forest Soils Biology and Forest Management, Feb. 23-24

Robert F. Powers, Donald L. Hauxwell, and Gary M. Nakamura

Index Format: PDF

Proceedings of the Conference on Coastal Watersheds: The Caspar Creek Story

Robert R. Ziemer, Technical Coordinator

Index Format: PDF, HTML

International Symposium: Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects

Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Technical Coordinator

Cover and Table of Contents PDF, 1.1 MB
Sessions I through V PDF, 9.4 MB

GTR-165 User's Guide to the Western Root Disease Model, Version 3.0

Susan J. Frankel, Technical Coordinator

Cover, Table of Contents, and Preface PDF, 1 MB
Contents, Appendices, and Figure Lists PDF, 0.7 MB

GTR-161 Atmospheric and Biospheric Interactions of Gases and Energy in the Pacific Region of the United States, Mexico, and Brazil

Andrzej Bytnerowicz (technical coordinator)

Content Format: PDF 1.47 MB

Proceedings of a Symposium on Oak Woodlands:
Ecology, Management and Urban Interface Issues, March 19-22, 1996, San Luis Obispo, California

Norman H. Pillsbury, Jared Verner, William D. Tietje, Technical Coordinators

Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, and Acknowledgements PDF, 2.7 MB
Plenary, Papers, Posters, Index, and Author Index PDF, 14.76 MB

Manual de todos de campo para el monitoreo de aves terrestres

C. John Ralph, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Peter Pyle, Thomas E. Martin, David F. DeSante, Borja Mil

Index Format: PDF

The Biswell Symposium:
Fire Issues and Solutions in Urban Interface and Wildland Ecosystems

David R. Weise, Robert E. Martin

Content PDF, 1.52 MB
Content (alternate link) PDF, 1.52 MB

GTR-156 Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Social Aspects and Recreation Research, February 23-25, 1994 San Diego, California

Deborah J. Chavez (coordinator)

Content Format: PDF 2.97 MB

GTR-152 Ecology and Conservation of the Marbled Murrelet

C. John Ralph, George L. Hunt Jr., Martin G. Raphael, John F. Piatt; (Technical Editors)

Index   Format: PDF

GTR-140 Proceedings of a Workshop on Research Methodologies and Applications for Pacific Island Agroforestry, July 16-20, 1990, Kolonia, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Bill Raynor and Roger R. Bay (coordinators)

Content Format: PDF 2.47 MB

GTR-138 Proceedings of a Workshop on Bark Beetle Genetics: Current Status of Research, May 17-18, 1992, Berkeley, California

Jane L. Hayes and Jacqueline L. Robertson (coordinators)

Content Format: PDF 1.33 MB

GTR-132 Proceedings of the Symposium on Social Aspects and Recreation Research

Deboral J. Chavez (coordinator)

Contents Format: PDF, 2.10 MB

GTR-130 Proceedings of th IUFRO Session on Geomorphic Hazards in Managed Forests, August 5-11, 1990 Montreal Canada

Raymond M. Rice, coordinator

Contents PDF, 373 KB

GTR-128 Proceedings of the Symposium on Current Research on Wood-Destroying Organisms and Future Prospects for Protecting Wood in Use, September 13, 1989, Bend, Oregon

Michael I. Haverty; W. Wayne Wilcox (coordinators)


GTR-126 Proceedings of the Symposium on Oak Woodlands and Hardwood Rangeland Management, October 31- November 2, 1990, Davis, California

Richard B. Standiford (coordinator)


GTR-122 Proceedings of the Symposium on Sandalwood in the Pacific, April 9-11, 1990, Honolulu, Hawaii

Lawrence Hamilton, C. Eugene Conrad (coordinators)


GTR-116 Proceedings of the Symposium on Research and Management of Annosus Root Disease (Heterobasidion annosum) in Western North America, April 18-21, 1989, Monterey, California

William J. Otrosina and Robert F. Scharpf (coordinators)


GTR-109 Proceedings of a Symposium on Fire and Watershed Management October 26-28, 1988, Sacramento, California

Neil H. Berg (coordinator)


GTR-101 Proceedings of the Symposium on Wildland Fire 2000

James B. Davis and Robert E. Martin (coordinators)


GTR-100 Proceedings of the Symposium on Multiple-Use Management of California's Hardwood Resources, November 12-14, 1986, San Luis Obispo, California

Timothy R. Plumb; Norman H. Pillsbury (coordinators)


GTR-95 Proceedings of the Workshop on Management of Giant Sequoia

Weatherspoon, C. Philip; Y. Robert Iwamoto, Douglas D. Piirto (coordinators)

Content Format: PDF 2.19 MB

GTR-69 Proceedings of a Workshop on Eucalyptus In California, June 14-16, 1983, Sacramento, California

Richard B. Standiford and F. Thomas Ledig (coordinators)

Content Format: PDF 2.77 MB

GTR-58 Proceedings of the Symposium on Dynamics and, Management of Mediterranean-type Ecosystems, June 22-26, San Diego, Califronia, San Diego State University

Irene A Althaus, Thomas J. Mills

Front Matter Format: PDF 2.42 MB

GTR-48 Proceedings of the Symposium on Isozymes of North American Forest Trees and Forest Insects, July 27, 1979, Berkeley, California

M. Thompson Conkle (technical coordinator)

Content Format: PDF 1.54 MB

GTR-44 Proceedings of the Symposium on Ecology, Management, and Utilization of California Oaks, June 26-27, 1979, Claremont, California

Timothy R. Plumb (coordinator)

Front Matter Format: PDF 4.99 MB

GTR-43 Proceedings of Symposium on Effects of Air Pollutants on Mediterranean and Temperate Forest Ecosystems, June 22-27, 1980, Riverside, California

Paul R. Miller (coordinator)

Front Matter Format: PDF 2.20 MB

GTR-35 Proceedings of Our National Landscape A Conference on Applied Techniques for Analysis and Management of the Visual Resource

Gary H. Elsner, Richard C. SmardonTechnical Coordinators

Front Matter Format: PDF 3.05 MB

GTR-32 Operational Forest Management Planning Methods: Proceedings, meeting of Steering Systems Project Group, Internation Union of Forestry Research Organizations

Daniel Navon; Compiler

Content Format: PDF 1.09 MB

GTR-31 Proceedings of the Symposium on Dwarf Mistletoe Control Through Forest Management

Robert F. Scharpf, John R. Parmeter, Jr; Technical Coordinators

Front Matter Format: PDF 3.12 MB

GTR-21 1976 Inter-University Symposium on Renewable Resource Asessment and Programming: Executive Summary

Billy G. Pemberton

Front Matter Format: PDF 2.13 MB

GTR-17 Vandalism and Outdoor Recreation: Symposium Proceedings

Sam S. Alfano, Arthur W. Magill (coordinators)

Front Matter Format: PDF 2.58 MB

GTR-15 Pesticide Spray Application, Behavior, and Assessment: Workshop Proceedings

Richard B. Roberts (coordinator)

Front Matter Format: PDF 2.33 MB
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