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The State of the Art and the State of the Science: Partners in Flight in the 21st Century
C. John Ralph, Terrell D. Rich

Opening Remarks
Ellie M. Cohen

Partners In Flight - Working for Bird Conservation Implementation and Integration in the Western Hemisphere
Terrell Rich

Defining the Demands and Meeting the Challenges of Integrated Bird Conservation
Charles K. Baxter

Bird Conservation as a Flagship for Global Diversity Conservation
David Brackett

A Context for Bird Conservation in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities
Eduardo Santana C.

Avian Research in the U.S. Forest Service
Beatrice Van Horne

Finding Our Wings: The Payoff of a Decade of Determination
Naomi Edelson

Seasonal Bird Traffic between Grand Teton National Park and Western Mexico
Martin L. Cody

The American Ornithologists' Union and Bird Conservation: Recommitment to the Revolution
John W. Fitzpatrick



Bird Initiative Conservation Planning and Plan Implementation

Setting Population-based Objectives for Conservation

Biological Objectives for Bird Populations
Jonathan Bart, Mark Koneff, Steve Wendt

Setting Numerical Population Objectives for Priority Landbird Species
Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Peter J. Blancher


Measuring the Success of Conservation Plan Implementation

Measuring the Success of Bird Conservation Plan Implementation
Rolf R. Koford, Jane A. Fitzgerald

An Objective Method to Determine an Area's Relative Significance for Avian Conservation
Daniel J. Twedt

Grassland Bird Conservation Efforts in Missouri and Iowa: How Will We Measure Success?
Brad Jacobs , Rolf R. Koford, Frank R. Thompson, III, Hope Woodward, Mike Hubbard, Jane A. Fitzgerald, James R. Herkert


Planning of Conservation Actions

The Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act: A Workshop to Discuss Improvements and a Brief Summary of First Year Results
David Mehlman, Heather Johnson, Bob Ford

Integrated Migratory Bird Planning in a Corps of Engineers' Irrigation Project, Bayou Meto, Arkansas
Allan J. Mueller, Hayley M. Dikeman, Thomas L. Edwards, Robert S. Holbrook, Karen L. Rowe

Alternative Futures for Landscapes in the Upper San Pedro River Basin of Arizona and Sonora
Carl Steinitz, Robert Anderson, Hector Arias, Scott Bassett, Michael Flaxman, Tomas Goode, Thomas Maddock III, David Mouat, Robert Peiser, Allan Shearer

Predicting Bird Response to Alternative Management Scenarios on a Ranch in Campeche, México
Paul A. Wood, Deanna K. Dawson, John R. Sauer, Marcia H. Wilson


Pacific Coast - Mexico to Alaska

Integrated Bird Conservation along the Pacific Coast of North America: An Action Agenda
Gregg Elliott, Bob Altman, Wendy Easton, Ricardo Estrella, Geoffrey Geupel, Mary Chase, Ellie Cohen, Ann Chrisney

Priorities for Implementation of the Northern Pacific Coast Regional Shorebird Management Plan
Joseph B. Buchanan

Terrestrial Birds and Conservation Priorities in Baja California Peninsula
Ricardo Rodriguez-Estrella

Building a Habitat Conversion Model for San Francisco Bay Wetlands: A Multi-species Approach for Integrating GIS and Field Data
Diana Stralberg, Nils Warnock, Nadav Nur, Hildie Spautz, Gary W. Page

The Use of Avian Focal Species for Conservation Planning in California
Mary K. Chase, Geoffrey R. Geupel

Conservation Priorities for Landbirds of the Pacific Coast of Oregon and Washington
Bob Altman

Current Status of Research on the Shorebirds, Marsh Birds, and Waders of the Peninsula of Baja California
Eric Mellink

Seabird Research and Monitoring Needs in Northwestern México
Eduardo Palacios, Lucia Alfaro

Seabird Conservation Planning in the Pacific Region
Kyra L. Mills, Maura Naughton, Gregg Elliott

Conservation and Management for Fish-eating Birds and Endangered Salmon
D. D. Roby, K. Collis, D. E. Lyons

Breeding Double-crested Cormorants and Wading Birds on Isla Alcatraz, Sonora, México
Jennifer N. Duberstein, Virginia Jimenez-Serrania, Tad A. Pfister, Kirsten E. Lindquist, Lorayne Meltzer

Current Monitoring and Management of Tricolored Blackbirds
Roy Churchwell, Geoffrey R. Geupel, William J. Hamilton III, Debra Schlafmann


Interior Western US, Western Canada and Mexico

The Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan: A Strategy for Protecting and Managing Oak Woodland Habitats and Associated Birds in California
Steve Zack, Mary K. Chase, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Diana Stralberg

The Intermountain West Region Waterbird Plan
Gary Ivey

Bird Conservation Planning and Implementation in Canada's Intermountain Region
Ilia Hartasanchez, Krista De Groot, Andre Breault, Rob W. Butler


Midwestern US and Prairie Canada

Waterbird Conservation Planning in the Northern Prairie and Parkland Region: Integration Across Borders and with Other Bird Conservation Initiatives
Neal D. Niemuth, Gerard W. Beyersbergen, Michael R. Norton

Missouri's Approach to Grassland Bird Conservation Planning
Brad Jacobs

Delineating Focus Areas for Bird Conservation in the Central Hardwoods Bird Conservation Region
Jane A. Fitzgerald, C. Diane True, David D. Diamond, Troy Ettel, Laurel Moore, Timothy A. Nigh, Shawchyi Vorisek, Greg Wathen


Northeastern US and Eastern Canada

Evaluating Partners in Flight Partnership Lands in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Converting Conservation Plans into Conservation Actions
Bryan D. Watts, Dana S. Bradshaw

The New York State Bird Conservation Area (BCA) Program: A Model for the United States
M. F. Burger, D. J. Adams, T. Post, L. Sommers, B. Swift

Incorporating Partners in Flight Priorities into State Agency Operational Plans: Development of a Management System for Wetland Passerines
Thomas P. Hodgman

Integrated Migratory Bird Planning in the Lower Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Plain Bird Conservation Region
Chuck Hayes, Andrew Milliken, Randy Dettmers, Kevin Loftus, Brigitte Collins, Isabelle Ringuet

Bird Habitat Conservation at Various Scales in the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
Andrew Milliken, Craig Watson, Chuck Hayes

Conservation Priorities for Terrestrial Birds in the Northeastern United States
Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Jeffrey V. Wells


Southeastern US, Carribean, Eastern Mexico

Avian Conservation Planning in the Caribbean: Experience and Recommendations from the Dominican Republic
Steven C. Latta, Eladio Fernandez

The Nature Conservancy's Gulf Wings Project - A Case Study in Conservation Planning for Migratory Birds
Charles Duncan, Becky Abel, Danny Kwan, David Mehlman

The South Atlantic Migratory Bird Initiative - An Integrated Approach to Conservation of "All Birds Across All Habitats"
Craig Watson, Chuck Hayes, Joseph McCauley, Andrew Milliken


Integration of Bird Conservation Actions-Projects, Management, Outreach, Education, Research and Monitoring

Broadleaf Forests

What Have I Learned about Broadleaf Forest Migrants from Long-term Attendance at Migrant Bird Symposia?
John Faaborg

The Significance of Mating System and Nonbreeding Behavior to Population and Forest Patch Use by Migrant Birds
Eugene S. Morton, Bridget J. M. Stutchbury

Landscape Level Effects on Forest Bird Populations in Eastern Broadleaf Forests: Principles for Conservation
Frank R. Thompson III

Birds in a Developing Area: The Need for Habitat Protection at the Landscape Scale
Jane A. Fitzgerald, Jonathan Bart, Harold D. Brown, Kathy Lee

The Effects of Timber Harvesting on Neotropical Migrants in Cove Hardwood Forests in the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Kathleen E. Franzreb

Potential Effects of Large-scale Elimination of Oaks by Red Oak Borers on Breeding Neotropical Migrants in the Ozarks
Kimberly G. Smith, Frederick M. Stephen

Is Management for Golden-winged Warblers and Cerulean Warblers Compatible?
Paul B. Hamel, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, David A. Buehler

Does Habitat Matter in an Urbanized Landscape? The Birds of the Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) Ecosystem of Southeastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Richard E. Feldman, Pam G. Krannitz

Early Impacts of Residential Development on Wood Thrushes in an Urbanizing Forest
L. E. Friesen, E. D. Cheskey, M. D. Cadman, V. E. Martin, R. J. MacKay


Coniferous Forests

Accommodating Birds in Managed Forests of North America: A Review of Bird-Forestry Relationships
Rex Sallabanks, Edward B. Arnett

Forest Management Under Uncertainty for Multiple Bird Population Objectives
Clinton T. Moore, W. Todd Plummer, Michael J. Conroy

Effects of Selective Logging on Birds in the Sierra de Coalcoman, Sierra Madre del Sur, Michoacan, Western Mexico
Jose Fernando Villaseñor, Neyra Sosa, Laura Villaseñor

Restoring High Priority Habitats for Birds: Aspen and Pine in the Interior West
Rex Sallabanks, Nils D. Christoffersen, Whitney W. Weatherford, Ralph Anderson

Monitoring for Adaptive Management in Coniferous Forests of the Northern Rockies
Jock S. Young, John R. Hoffland, Richard L. Hutto

Developing a Bird Conservation Plan for the Diverse Coniferous Forests of California
John C. Robinson

Challenges of Avian Conservation on Non-Federal Forests in the Pacific Northwest
Joseph B. Buchanan


Coast and Estuaries

North American Wetlands Conservation Act: Contributions to Bird Conservation in Coastal Areas of the U.S.
Keith McKnight, Robert Ford, Jennifer Kross

Partnerships to Deliver Bird Conservation along the Gulf Coast
Cecilia M. Riley, Greg Esslinger, Barry Wilson

Linking Shorebird Conservation and Education Along Flyways: An Overview of the Shorebird Sister Schools Program
Hillary Chapman, Heather Johnson

Nariva Swamp Ramsar Site, Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies) Wetland Habitat Restoration Initiative
Montserrat Carbonell, Nadra Nathai-Gyan

Coastal Forests of the Gulf of Mexico: A Description and Some Thoughts on Their Conservation
W. C. Barrow, L. A. Johnson Randall, M. S. Woodrey, J. Cox, E. Ruelas I., C. M. Riley, R. B. Hamilton, C. Eberly

California Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis coturniculus) Distribution and Abundance in Relation to Habitat and Landscape Features in the San Francisco Bay Estuary
Hildie Spautz, Nadav Nur, Diana Stralberg



Developing Spatially Explicit Habitat Models for Grassland Bird Conservation Planning in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota
Neal D. Niemuth, Michael E. Estey, Charles R. Loesch

Prairie Conservation in Canada: The Prairie Conservation Action Plan Experience
Dean Nernberg, David Ingstrup

Monitoring as a Means to Focus Research and Conservation - The Grassland Bird Monitoring Example
Brenda Dale, Michael Norton, Constance Downes, Brian Collins

Effects of Contour Furrowing on Soils, Vegetation and Grassland Breeding Birds in North Dakota
Terrell D. Rich

Abundance of Grassland Sparrows on Reclaimed Surface Mines in Western Pennsylvania
Jennifer A. Mattice, Daniel W. Brauning, Duane R. Diefenbach

The Distribution and Abundance of Obligate Grassland Birds Breeding in New England and New York
W. Gregory Shriver, Andrea L. Jones, Peter D. Vickery, Andrew Weik, Jeffrey Wells

Status and Conservation of the Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) in Argentina
Adrian S. Di Giacomo, Alejandro G. Di Giacomo, Julio R. Contreras



The Importance and Future Condition of Western Riparian Ecosystems as Migratory Bird Habitat
Susan K. Skagen, Rob Hazlewood, Michael L. Scott

A Preliminary Study of Riparian Songbirds in Costa Rica, with Emphasis on Wintering Louisiana Waterthrushes
Terry L. Master, Robert S. Mulvihill, Robert C. Leberman, Julio Sanchez, Ernesto Carmen

Using Songbird Monitoring to Guide and Evaluate Riparian Restoration in Salmonid-Focused Stream Rehabilitation Projects
Ryan D. Burnett, Thomas Gardali, Geoffrey R. Geupel

A Watershed-Scale Survey for Stream-Foraging Birds in Northern California
Sherri L. Miller, C. John Ralph

Riparian and Woodlot Landscape Patterns and Migration of Neotropical Migrants in Riparian Forests of Eastern South Dakota
David L. Swanson, Kurt L. Dean, Heather A. Carlisle, Eric T. Liknes

Riparian Songbird Abundance a Decade after Cattle Removal on Hart Mountain and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuges
Susan L. Earnst, Jennifer A. Ballard, David S. Dobkin

Riparian Bird Population Monitoring in Utah, 1992-2001
Russell E. Norvell, Frank P. Howe, Jimmie R. Parrish

Suggestions for a Silvicultural Prescription for Cerulean Warblers in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Paul B. Hamel

Distribution and Habitat Use of Swainson's Warblers in Eastern and Northern Arkansas
James C. Bednarz, Petra Stiller-Krehel, Brian Cannon



Conservation of Priority Birds in Sagebrush Ecosystems
Terrell D. Rich, Michael J. Wisdom, Victoria A. Saab

Occurrence and Density of Breeding Passerine Birds in Shrubland Habitats in Utah
Jimmie R. Parrish, Dan A. Roberts, Frank P. Howe

Effects of Trail Width on the Densities of Four Species of Breeding Birds in Chaparral
Aaron L. Holmes, Geoffrey R. Geupel

Two Decades of Change in a Coastal Scrub Community: Songbird Responses to Plant Succession
Mary K. Chase, Aaron L. Holmes, Thomas Gardali, Grant Ballard, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Nadav Nur

Diversity Patterns in the Terrestrial Avifauna of the Salton Sea
Mark B. Mendelsohn, William I. Boarman, Robert N. Fisher

The Importance of Floristics to Sagebrush Breeding Birds of the South Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, British Columbia
Susan Paczek, Pam Krannitz

Using Survival Analysis of Artificial and Real Brewer's Sparrow (Spizella breweri breweri) Nests to Model Site Level and Nest Site Factors Associated with Nest Success in the South Okanagan Region of Canada
Kym Welstead, Pam Krannitz, Nancy Mahony


Desert and Mountain Islands

Community-based Restoration of Desert Wetlands: The Case of the Colorado River Delta
Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta, Mark Briggs, Yamilett Carrillo-Guerroro, Edward P. Glenn, Miriam Lara-Flores, Martha Roman-Rodriguez

Timing of Hummingbird Migration in Southeastern Arizona: Implications for Conservation
Susan M. Wethington, Stephen M. Russell, George C. West




Addressing Conservation Needs of Birds during their Migration

Addressing Conservation Needs of Birds During the Migratory Period: Problems and Issues
Mark S. Woodrey, Dean Demarest, Ernesto Ruela Inzunza

Stopover Ecology of Neotropical Migrants in Central Veracruz, Mexico
Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, Stephen W. Hoffman, Laurie J. Goodrich

Problems Associated with Pooling Mark-Recapture Data Prior to Estimating Stopover Length for Migratory Passerines
Sara R. Morris, Erica M. Turner, David A. Liebner, Amanda M. Larracuente, H. David Sheets

Implications of Different Shorebird Migration Strategies for Habitat Conservation
Susan K. Skagen, Stephen Brown, Rex Johnson

Understanding the Stopover of Migratory Birds: A Scale Dependent Approach
Frank R. Moore, Mark S. Woodrey, Jeffrey J. Buler, Stefan Woltmann, Ted R. Simons

Repeats, Returns, and Estimated Flight Ranges of Neotropical Migratory Birds in Utah Riparian Habitat
Dan A. Roberts, Jimmie R. Parrish, Frank P. Howe


Networks for Monitoring Landbird Migraiton

Towards the Establishment of Landbird Migration Monitoring Networks in the United States
Jay D. Carlisle, C. John Ralph

Suggestions for Establishing a Network of Landbird Migration Monitoring Sites
Jonathan Bart, C. John Ralph

Suggestions for Planning a Migration-Monitoring Network Based on the Experience of Establishing and Operating the MAPS Program
David F. DeSante

Counting Migrants to Monitor Bird Populations: State of the Art
Erica H. Dunn

Using Autumn Hawk Watch to Track Raptor Migration and to Monitor Populations of North American Birds of Prey
Kyle McCarty, Keith L. Bildstein

Migration Monitoring in Shorebirds and Landbirds: Commonalities and Differences
Susan K. Skagen, Jonathan Bart

Monitoring Bird Migration in the Caribbean Basin: Multi-national Cooperation Can Close the Loop
Paul B. Hamel, Cecilia M. Riley, W. C. Hunter, Mark S. Woodrey



New Methods of Analysis, Archiving and Data Taking

Advances in Statistical Analysis

Advances in Statistics
Howard Stauffer, Nadav Nur

Statistical Approaches to the Analysis of Point Count Data: A Little Extra Information Can Go a Long Way
George L. Farnsworth, James D. Nichols, John R. Sauer, Steven G. Fancy, Kenneth H. Pollock, Susan A. Shriner, Theodore R. Simons

Generalized Linear Models and Point Count Data: Statistical Considerations for the Design and Analysis of Monitoring Studies
Nathaniel E. Seavy, Suhel Quader, John D. Alexander, C. John Ralph

A Conceptual Guide to Detection Probability for Point Counts and Other Count-based Survey Methods
D. Archibald McCallum

Hierarchical Models and Bayesian Analysis of Bird Survey Information
John R. Sauer, William A. Link, J. Andrew Royle

Improving the Breeding Bird Survey
Jonathan Bart, Joseph B. Buchanan, Bob Altman

Estimating Total Population Size for Songbirds
Jonathan Bart

Detection Ratios of Riparian Songbirds
Susan L. Earnst, Jeannie Heltzel

Application of Bayesian Methods to Habitat Selection Modeling of the Northern Spotted Owl in California: New Statistical Methods for Wildlife Research
Howard B. Stauffer, Cynthia J. Zabel, Jeffrey R. Dunk


Formulating Management Strategies by Modeling Demographic Parameters

Monitoring, Modeling, and Management: Why Base Avian Management on Vital Rates and How Should it Be Done?
David F. DeSante, M. Philip Nott, Danielle R. Kaschube

Approaches for the Direct Estimation of Rate of Increase in Population Size (λ) Using Capture-Recapture Data
James D. Nichols, T. Scott Sillett, James E. Hines, Richard T. Holmes

An Estimate of Juvenile Survival in Black-capped Vireos and its Implications to Source-Sink Analyses of Songbirds
Joseph A. Grzybowski


Advances in Surveys and Monitoring

Frederick C. Lincoln and the Formation of the North American Bird Banding Program
John Tautin

One Hundred Years of Bird Banding in North America
John Tautin

A Retrospective Perspective: Evaluating Population Changes by Repeating Historic Bird Surveys
Lawrence D. Igl, Douglas H. Johnson

An Overview of a Landbird Monitoring Program at Tortuguero, on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
C. John Ralph, Margaret J. Widdowson, Robert I. Frey, Pablo A. Herrera, Brian P. O'Donnell

Singing Rate and Detection Probability: An Example from the Least Bell's Vireo (Vireo belli pusillus)
Thomas A. Scott, Pey-Yi Lee, Gregory C. Greene, D. Archibald McCallum

Shorebird Habitat Availability Assessment of Agricultural Fields Using a Digital Aerial Video System
Clinton W. Jeske, Scott Wilson, Paul C. Chadwick, Wylie Barrow

Migration Monitoring with Automated Technology
Rhonda L. Millikin

Radar Ornithology and the Conservation of Migratory Birds
Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Carroll G. Belser

Introduction to the WSR-88D (NEXRAD) for Ornithological Research
Robert H. Diehl, Ronald P. Larkin

Linking Breeding and Overwintering Areas of Five Nearctic-Neotropical Migratory Passerines Using Molecular Genetic Markers
B. Mila , S. M. Clegg, M. Kimura, K. Ruegg, I. Lovette, T. B. Smith


Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring

The Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring (PRISM)
Jonathan Bart, Brad Andres, Stephen Brown, Garry Donaldson, Brian Harrington, Vicky Johnston, Stephanie Jones, Guy Morrison, Susan Skagen

Preparation of Regional Shorebird Monitoring Plans
Jonathan Bart, Ann Manning, Susan Thomas, Catherine Wightman

Methods for Shorebird Surveys in the Arctic
Jonathan Bart, Susan L. Earnst

Temperate Non-Breeding Surveys - A Key to Shorebird Conservation
Sue Thomas


Regional Monitoring Programs

Introduction - Regional Monitoring Programs
Richard L. Hutto, C. John Ralph

MoSI (Monitoreo de Sobrevivencia Invernal): Assessing Habitat-Specific Overwintering Survival of Neotropical Migratory Landbirds
David F. DeSante, T. Scott Sillett, Rodney B. Siegel, James F. Saracco, Claudia A. Romo de Vivar Alvarez, Salvadora Morales, Alexis Cerezo, Danielle R. Kaschube, Manuel Grosselet, Borja Mila

Monitoring Puerto Rican Avifauna Using Roadside Surveys
Keith L. Pardieck, Bruce G. Peterjohn

Making Management Recommendations from Annual Bird Point Count Data
Gary M. Peters

Analysis of U. S. Forest Service Bird Point-count Monitoring Database - Implications for Designing and Implementing Avian Monitoring
Eric T. Linder, David A. Buehler

Northern Region Landbird Monitoring Program: A Program Designed to Monitor More than Long-term Population Trends
Richard L. Hutto

Sixteen Years of Habitat-based Bird Monitoring in the Nicolet National Forest
Robert W. Howe, Lance J. Roberts

Regional Breeding Bird Monitoring in Western Great Lakes National Forests
JoAnn Hanowski, Jim Lind, Nick Danz, Gerald Niemi, Tim Jones


Monitoring and Research Programs for the 21st Century

The Need for a North American Coordinated Bird Monitoring Program
Jonathan Bart, C. John Ralph

Guidelines for Designing Short-Term Bird Monitoring Projects
Jonathan Bart

Small-scale Monitoring - Can it be Integrated with Large-scale Programs?
C. M. Downes, J. Bart, B. T. Collins, B. Craig, B. Dale, E. H. Dunn, C. M. Francis, S. Woodley, P. Zorn

Progress Toward Developing Field Protocols for a North American Marsh Bird Monitoring Program
Courtney J. Conway, Steven T. A. Timmermans

The Challenges of Standardizing Colonial Waterbird Survey Protocols - What is Working? What is Not?
Melanie Steinkamp, Peter Frederick, Katharine Parsons, Harry Carter, Mike Parker

New Opportunities for Bird Conservation Research
Ellen Paul, Robert J. Cooper


Using the Internet for Bird Monitoring Projects and Information Distribution

Integrated Bird Conservaton Web Site in the United States
Roxanne Bogart, Chris Eberly, Elizabeth Martin

National Audubon Society's Technology Initiatives for Bird Conservation: A Summary of Application Development for the Christmas Bird Count
Kathy Dale

Integrating the Distributed Data Resources of the Bird Monitoring Community Using Information Technology Strategies
Steve Kelling, Craig Stewart



Outside Factors Affecting Bird Populations

Anthropogenic Causes of Bird Mortality

A Summary and Comparison of Bird Mortality from Anthropogenic Causes with an Emphasis on Collisions
Wallace P. Erickson, Gregory D. Johnson, David P. Young, Jr.

Mitigation Measures for Highway-caused Impacts to Birds
Sandra L. Jacobson

Bird Strike and Electrocutions at Power Lines, Communication Towers, and Wind Turbines: State of the Art and State of the Science - Next Steps Toward Mitigation
Albert M. Manville II

Direct Losses of Birds to Pesticides - Beginnings of a Quantification
Pierre Mineau

Seabird and Waterbird Bycatch in Fishing Gear: Next Steps in Dealing with a Problem
Albert M. Manville II


Fire and Avian Ecology of North America

Relationships of Fire Ecology and Avian Communities in North America
Victoria A. Saab, Natasha B. Kotliar, William M. Block

Influence of Fire and Other Anthropogenic Practices on Grassland and Shrubland Birds in New England
Peter D. Vickery, Benjamin Zuckerburg, Andrea L. Jones, W. Gregory Shriver, Andrew P. Weik

Fire on the Mountain: Birds and Burns in the Rocky Mountains
Natasha B. Kotliar, Victoria A. Saab, Richard L. Hutto

Response of Birds to Fire in the American Southwest
Carl E. Bock, William M. Block

Natural and Anthropogenic Fire Regimes, Vegetation Effects, and Potential Impacts on the Avifauna of California Oak Woodlands
Kathryn L. Purcell, Scott L. Stephens

Bird Responses to Burns and Clear Cuts in the Boreal Forest of Canada
Susan J. Hannon, Pierre Drapeau


Changing Climate and Bird Conservation

A Review of Climate Change Impacts on Birds
Robert W. Butler, William Taylor

Climate Resources for Field Ornithologists: What is Climate, What do We Know, and Why Should You Care?
Daphne Gemmill

The Impact of Climatic Change on Wild Animals and Plants: A Meta-Analysis
Terry L. Root, Jeff T. Price, Kimberly R. Hall, Stephen H. Schneider, Cynthia Rosenzweig, J. Alan Pounds

Global Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: Potential Losses of Intertidal Habitat for Shorebirds
H. Galbraith, R. Jones, R. Park, J. Clough, S. Herrod-Julius, B. Harrington, G. Page

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Neotropical Migrants: Management Implications
Jeff T. Price, Terry L. Root


Other Factors Affecting Birds

A Comparison of Ectoparasite Infestation by Chigger Mite Larvae (Acarina: Trombiculidae) on Resident and Migratory Birds in Chiapas, Mexico Illustrating a Rapid Visual Assessment Protocol
Thomas V. Dietsch



Conservation Implementation at all Levels

Bird Conservation in Practice: Strategies for Multiple Species and Scales

A New Conservation Partnership: Conserving the Migratory Birds of the Americas
Jack C. Capp, David Mehlman

Current Threats to the Lake Texcoco Globally Important Bird Area
Jose L. Alcantara, Patricia Escalante Pliego

Two Species in One Ecosystem: Management of Northern Bobwhite and Red-cockaded Woodpecker in the Red Hills
R. Todd Engstrom, William E. Palmer

The Nature Conservancy's Prairie Wings Project: A Conservation Strategy for the Grassland Birds of the Western Great Plains
Bob McCready, David Mehlman, Danny Kwan, Becky Abel

Multi-Species Benefits of the Proposed North American Sage-Grouse Management Plan
Clait E. Braun


Integrating Bird Objectives into Federal Land Use Plans

The Conservation and Management of Migratory and Resident Birds and their Habitats on Department of Defense Lands
Joe Hautzenroder

Integration of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) into Southeast National Park Service Planning and Operations
J. Keith Watson

Integrating Bird-Habitat Modeling into National Forest Planning for Bird Conservation in the Southern Appalachians
David A. Buehler, Eric T. Linder, Kathleen E. Franzreb, Nathan A. Klaus, Randy Dettmers, John G. Bartlett

Supporting Habitat Management for Bird Conservation Planning on Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Richard A. Fischer, Chris Eberly, Dorothy Keough

Resource Management Planning Efforts on the Bureau of Land Management's Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area
John Sullivan


Private Lands Programs

Using Birds to Guide Management
Bob Budd

Wetlands Reserve Program: A Partnership to Restore Wetlands and Associated Habitat
Randall L. Gray

The Prairie Partners' Approach to Landowner Outreach
Tammy VerCauteren

California Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program: Conserving Birds Through Private Partnerships
Debra Schlafmann, Philip Morrison

A Stewardship Approach to Grassland Bird Habitat Conservation in Saskatchewan, Canada
Stephen K. Davis, Bob Springer, Jennifer Lohmeyer, Lesley Hall, Tom Harrison


Using Geospatial Information and Models in Regional Bird Conservation Planning

Ecological Niche Modeling as a New Paradigm for Large-scale Investigations of Diversity and Distribution of Birds
A. Townsend Peterson, Daniel A. Kluza

Planning for Bird Conservation: A Tale of Two Models
Douglas H. Johnson, Maiken Winter

Natural Resource Assessment and Decision Support Tools for Bird Conservation Planning
Carl E. Korschgen, Melinda G. Knutson, Timothy J. Fox, Leslie Holland-Bartels, Henry C. Dehaan, Charles H. Theiling, Jason J. Rohweder, Kevin Kenow, Linda E. Leake, Tom Will

Use of Survey Data to Define Regional and Local Priorities for Management on National Wildlife Refuges
John R. Sauer, Jennifer Casey, Harold Laskowski, Jan D. Taylor, Jane Fallon

Pre-Euroamerican Distribution of Pine Warblers (Dendroica pinus) in Wisconsin: Tool for Setting Regional Conservation Priorities
Anna M. Pidgeon, Lisa A. Schulte, David J. Mladenoff


Using Important Bird Areas to Conserve Critical Bird Habitat

Important Bird Areas in the Neotropics: The Backbone of a Coordinated, On-the-ground Bird Conservation Initiative in the Western Hemisphere
Angelica Estrada, Ian Davidson

Conserving the Grassland Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Southern South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil
Adrian S. Di Giacomo, Santiago Krapovickas

The Challenge of Implementing the Important Bird Area Program in a Megadiversity and Mega-threatened Country
Jaqueline M. Goerck, David C. Wege

Priority Setting for Bird Conservation in Mexico: The Role of the Important Bird Areas Program
Ma. del Coro Arizmendi, Laura Marquez Valdelamar, Humberto Berlanga

American Bird Conservancy's Approach to the U.S. Important Bird Area Program - Identifying the Top 500 Global Sites
Robert M. Chipley

The Important Bird Areas Program in the United States: Building a Network of Sites for Conservation, State by State
Jeffrey V. Wells, Daniel K. Niven, John Cecil

Important Bird Areas as a Conservation Tool: Implementation at the State Level
Michael F. Burger, Jillian M. Liner

Important Bird Areas and International Migratory Bird Day - A Beneficial Convergence in 2002
Jennifer Wheeler, Susan Bonfield



Birds and the Public: Outreach of Bird-related Topics


Ten Years of International Migratory Bird Day
Jennifer Wheeler, Susan Bonfield

People, Wings, and Forests: An International Program for Conservation of Migratory Birds and their Habitats to Benefit People
Jack C. Capp

Relative Prevalence of African Americans Among Bird Watchers
John C. Robinson