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Proceedings of the California forest Soils Council Conference on Forest Soils Biology and Forest Management

Robert F. Powers, Donald L. Hauxwell, and Gary M. Nakamura, Technical Editors


Publisher Information, Abstract, Technical Editors, About the Pacific Southwest Research Station 130 KB

Table of Contents 82 KB

Preface 175 KB

The Functional Role of Forest Soil Arthropods: The Soil is a Living Place 1,806 KB
Andrew Moldenke, Marjet Pajutee, and Elaine Ingham

Ecological Significance of Nitrogen Fixation by Actinorhizal Shrubs in Interior Forests of California and Oregon 423 KB
Matt D. Busse

Fungal Succession and Diversity in Ectomycorrhizal 226 KB
Dennis D. Murphy

Influence of Forest Harvesting on Soil Organisms and Decomposition in Western Washington 1,504 KB
Robert L. Edmonds, James L. Marra, Amy K. Barg, and Grace B. Sparks

Northern Flying Squirrels Mycophagy and Truffle Production in Fir Forests of Northern California 684 KB
Jeffrey B. Waters, Kevin S. McKelvey ,Cynthia J. Zabel, and Daniel L. Luoma

American Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare) Across Spatial and Temporal Scales 1,054 KB
Michael P. Amaranthus, David Pilz, Andrew Moore, Rick Abbott, and Daniel L. Luoma

Managing Our Grandchildren's Forests: The Role of Soil Biology and Soil Ecology 151 KB
James R. Boyle

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