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Sierra Nevada Research Center

Photo of Peter Stine

Peter Stine
Program Manager
Principal Research Scientist
Phone: (530) 759-1703

Pacific Southwest Research Station
Sierra Nevada Research Center
1731 Research Park Dr.
Davis, CA 95618

Ph: (530) 759-1700
Fx: (530) 747-0241

B.S. Forestry and Conservation, 1975, University of California, Berkeley
M.S. Wildland Resources Science, 1977, University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. Geography, 1995, University of California at Santa Barbara
Research Interests/Duties
Biogeography; Conservation biology; Endangered species ecology; Geographic Information Systems; Community ecology; Wildland resource management; Ecological monitoring; Landscape Ecology.
Current Emphases, Studies, Projects
  • Fire and Fuels Management, Landscape Dynamics, and Fish and wildlife Resources; an Integrated Research Study in the Northern Sierra Nevada.
  • Development of a Node to the National Biological Information Infrastructure in collaboration with scientists at U.C. Davis.
  • Investigating alternative land use/habitat conservation strategies using GIS and optimization modeling.
  • Preventing conflicts between biodiversity and future human land uses -- a research program underway at U.C. Berkeley.
    Selected Publications

    Scott, J.M., C.B. Kepler, P.A. Stine, H. Little, and K. Taketa. 1987. Protecting endangered forest birds in Hawaii: the development of a conservation strategy. Pg 348-363. Transactions of the 52nd North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference.

    Davis, F.W., P.A. Stine, D.M. Stoms. 1994. Distribution and conservation status of coastal sage scrub in southwestern California. Journal of Vegetation Science 5:743-756.

    Stine, P.A. 1995 A Multi-Scale Conservation Assessment of Plant Communities in Southern California. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Geography, University of California at Santa Barbara.

    F.W. Davis, P.A. Stine, D.M. Stoms, M.I. Borchert, and A.D. Hollander. 1995. Gap analysis of the actual vegetation of California 1. The southwestern region. Madrono 42: 40-78.

    Campbell, L.A., Graham, T.B., Thibault, L.P. and P.A. Stine. 1996. The Arroyo Toad (Bufo microscaphus californicus), Ecology, Threats, Recovery Actions, and Research Needs. Technical report NBS/CSC-96-01. 46 pp.

    Stine, P.A., F.D. Davis, B. Csuti, and J.M. Scott. 1996. Comparative utility of vegetation maps of different resolutions for conservation planning. IN Biodiversity in Managed Landscapes; Theory and Practice, ed. R.C. Szaro and D.W. Johnston, pp 210- 220. Oxford University Press.

    Stine, P.A. 1998 Scientific foundation for the natural community conservation planning / coastal sage scrub program. IN Bioregional Assessments. Island Press.

    Gosz, J., Asher, J., Holder, B., Knight, R., Naiman, R., Raines, G., Stine, P.A., and Wigley, B. 1999 Ecosystem and Landscape Diversity IN Ecological Stewardship: A Common Reference for Ecosystem Management; Edited by W.T. Sexton, R.C. Szaro, N.C. Johnson, and A.J. Malk, Elsevier Science, Oxford, England.

    Gerrard, R., Stine, P.A., Gilpin, M., and Church, R. 2001. Habitat evaluation using GIS; A case study applied to the San Joaquin Kit Fox Habitat. Landscape and Urban Planning 52: 239-255.

    Franklin, J., T. Keeler-Wolf, K. A. Thomas, D. A. Shaari, P.A. Stine, J. Michealsen, and J. Miller. In Press. Stratified sampling for field survey of environmental gradients in the Mojave Desert ecoregion. IN GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Biogeography and Ecology. A. Millington, S. Walsh, and P. Osborne, editors, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

    Stine, P.A and C. Hunsaker. 2001 Generic issues regarding uncertainty in spatial data used in ecological applications IN Perspectives on Uncertainty in Spatial Data for Ecological Analyses, Springer Verlag.

    Church, R., R. Gerrard, M. Gilpin, and P. Stine. Development of a Patch Selection Model for Conservation Targets to Aid in Regional Conservation Planning. In Prep.

    Stine, P.A. and D.D. Murphy. Determining potential long-term conservation value of coastal sage scrub habitat: a geographic information systems approach to application of the NCCP Conservation Guidelines. In Prep.

    Stine, P.A. Multi-level ecological assessments and their application to natural reserve planning in coastal southern California. In Prep.

    Stine, P.A. Habitat-based biodiversity conservation strategies using Geographic Information Systems. In Prep.

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