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Sierra Nevada Research Center

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Mark Nechodom
Research Social Scientist
Principal Research Scientist
Socioeconomics and Institutions
Phone: (530) 759-1706

Pacific Southwest Research Station
Sierra Nevada Research Center
1731 Research Park Dr.
Davis, CA 95618

Ph: (530) 759-1700
Fx: (530) 747-0241

B.A. Political and Social Thought, 1983. World College West, San Rafael, California
Ph.D. Political Theory, 1998. University of California, Santa Cruz, California
Research Interests/Duties
Demographic and social characteristics of residents and visitors and their influences on public policy in the Sierra Nevada region.

My key research focus over the past three years has been on the political and institutional processes that affect natural resources decision-making in the Sierra Nevada and elsewhere. My work in the Tahoe basin, as well as my scientific and policy contributions to the Sierra Nevada Framework, have given me extensive and intimate knowledge of the institutions, policies and social dynamics behind local, state and federal decision-making in the region. As an educator, a consultant and a researcher I have worked with public officials, concerned citizens, technical experts and research scientists throughout the region, and have gained significant knowledge of regional and subregional public policy issues.
Selected Publications

Nechodom, M., Mason T., and Hartsough B. (in press) The Economics of Small Log and Biomass Utilization from National Forest Fuels Treatments: Two Cases in the Pacific Northwest. Western Journal of Applied Forestry.

Weible, C., Sabatier, P. and Nechodom, M. (in press) No Sparks Fly: Policy Activists Agree on Forest Fire Management in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Journal of Forestry.

Coulter, E., Coulter, K,. Mason, T., Swan, L. and Nechodom, M. 2002. The Dry Forest Mechanized Treatment Trials. Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council. (Submitted for General Technical Report publication, Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service).

Nechodom, M., Ruth, L., and Murphy, D. (under review) Political and Institutional Context of Sierra Nevada Science. In Proceedings of the 2002 Sierra Nevada Science Symposium. General Technical Report, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.

Nechodom, M. and Leisz, D. 2001. Institutional Capacities for Local watershed Investment and Management in the Sierra Nevada: A review of four Sierran county governments. Sacramento, CA: California Resources Agency.

Nechodom, M., Rowntree, R., Dennis, N., Robison, H., Goldstein, B., & Small, M. 2000. Socioeconomic and Institutional Assessment. In D. Murphy, & C. Knopp (Eds.), Lake Tahoe watershed Assessment. (Chapter 6). Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research and Experiment Station. GTR-175.

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Nechodom, M. 1996. Regional Managers' Forums of the California Biodiversity Council [Web Page]. Accessed 1998 Apr 23. Available at:

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Nechodom, M. 1994. 'The Slow Boring of Hard Boards': Public Participation and Agency Coordination in the Management of California's Ecosystems. University of California, Division of Environmental Studies, Davis, CA 95528. Unpublished working paper for the California Biodiversity Council, 40pp.

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