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Kathleen R. Matthews, Ph.D.
Ph.D. 1988 University of Washington School of Fisheries M.A.
1983 Moss Landing Marine Laboratories/San Jose State Univ. B.A.
1977 Zoology. University of California, Santa Barbara.

Portrait of researcher Kathleen MatthewsKathleen is a research scientist with the Aquatic Ecology Group at PSW. She has worked on a variety of marine and freshwater research projects in the US and Canada. Since starting at the Forest Service in 1992, she has led several research projects primarily in the Sierra Nevada on the effects of management activities (cattle grazing, fish stocking, etc.) on the native aquatic organisms of wilderness streams and lakes.

For further information, please visit Kathleen Matthews' staff page.

Carrie Sendak
B.S. Biology 1998. Florida Southern College
M.A. Biology 2008. Humboldt State University

Portrait of Carrie SendakCarrie is an ecologist working within the Aquatic Ecology Group at PSW. Our research includes the population dynamics, habitat ecology, and potential impacts of climate change on high elevation herpetofauna and California Golden Trout. Current research is conducted in high elevation (>9000 ft) lakes and streams or meadows in federally designated wilderness areas of the Sierra Nevada.

For further information, please visit Carrie Sendak's staff page.


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P.O. Box 245, Berkeley, CA 94701-0245
Telephone: (510) 559-6300
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