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Dusy Basin-Kings Canyon Mountain yellow-legged frogs High mountain lake Helicopter into Dusy Basin
Mountain yellow-legged frog Aerial view - Dusy Basin
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Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Ecology Group's web page. Our group is part of the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, Sierra Nevada Research Center. We conduct research on the ecology and interactions of native aquatic biota and non-native trout found in the thousands of lakes and streams of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Currently, our work focuses on the ecology, conservation and management of the native amphibians, reptiles and fish that occur in the High Sierra (>9,000 ft) wilderness areas. We are working to gain knowledge of the life history and habitat requirements of these species so that informed decisions can be made about the management of our precious aquatic resources in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. See a description of our work in Science Perspectives, Fall 2003.

Our web site features details about our latest research, listing of our most recent publications, press coverage information; in addition to, a research photo gallery and links to articles of interest.

Thank you for visiting; meanwhile, if you have any questions or information you would like to obtain, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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