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Pacific Southwest Research Station
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Wildland Recreation and Urban Cultures

Patricia Winter
Research Social Scientist
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Phone: (951) 680-1557

Pacific Southwest Research Station
Forest Fire Laboratory
4955 Canyon Crest Drive
Riverside, CA 92507

Ph: (951) 680-1500
Fx: (951) 680-1501


B.A., Psychology, 1980, University of California, Irvine
M.A., Psychology, 1984, The Claremont Graduate School
Ph.D., Psychology, 1990, The Claremont Graduate School

Research Interests/Duties

My research interests include underlying factors in environmentally sustainable behaviors paired with approaches and tools to foster them; dynamics of social trust in natural resource management; considerations of cultural diversity in recreation service delivery and communications; perceptions of risk and influences on related attitudes and actions; and sustainable recreation and tourism.

Current Emphases, Studies, Projects
  • Forest Service Wildfire Management Decision Making (in collaboration with Dr. Robyn Wilson of Ohio State University)
  • Sustainable Recreation and Tourism (in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Bricker at University of Utah)
  • National Recreation Research Synthesis (in collaboration with Dr. Ingrid Schneider at University of Minnesota, the Southern Research Station, the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and the San Dimas Technology and Development Center)
  • Forest Service Role in Get to Know Campaign
  • Pathways to Environmental Caring and Engagement (in collaboration with Dr. Alan Omoto at Claremont Graduate University)

Selected Publications

Winter, P.L.; Bigler-Cole, H. 2008. Information needs, acceptability of risk, trust and reliance: The case of National Predictive Services customers. In: Lee, D.C.; Beatty, J.; Shaw, C.G.; Pye, J.M.; Sands, Y. Forest Environmental Threats.

Winter, P.L.; Skenderian, J.; Crano, W. 2008. Routes to communication about outdoor recreation with diverse publics: what we know about media. In: D.J. Chavez; P.L. Winter; J.D. Absher (Eds.) Recreation visitor research: studies of diversity. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-210. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. p. 195-204.

Burn, S.M.; Winter, P.L. 2008. A behavioral intervention tool for recreation managers. Park Science. 31(1): 5-15.

Cvetkovich, G.T.; Winter, P.L. 2007. The what, how, and when of social reliance and cooperative risk management. In: M. Siegrist, T.C. Earle, H. Gutscher (Eds). Trust in Cooperative Risk Management: Uncertainty and Skepticism in the Public Mind. London: Earthscan, p. 187-209.

Winter, P.L.; Cvetkovich GT. 2007. Diversity in Southwesterners' views of Forest Service fire management. In: W.E. Martin, C. Raish, B. Kent (Eds.) Wildfire Risk: Human Perceptions and Management Implications. Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future Press. p. 156-170.

Winter, P.L. 2006. The impact of normative message types on off-trail hiking. Journal of Interpretation Research, 11, 1, 35-52.

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