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Region 5, State and Private Forestry

Photo of Kathleen Friday

Kathleen S. Friday
Cooperative Forester
Region 5, State and Private Forestry

USDA, Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station

Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
60 Nowelo Street
Hilo, HI 96720
Ph: (808) 933-8121
Fx: (808) 933-8120

M.F. Tropical Forestry, Timber Management, 1985, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
B.A. Mathematics (Computer Science), 1982, Dartmouth College

Research Interests/Duties
Role and Responsibilities

Role: To provide technical assistance to the Pacific Island State Foresters and their staff (Hawaii, Micronesia, American Samoa) in the planning, development, and implementation of the States' federally-funded forestry programs, particularly Forest Stewardship, Forest Legacy, and Urban and Community Forestry.


  • Assist states with grant project and narrative development in alignment with national strategic plans and issues.
  • Provide technical resource management assistance and training in coordination with R5 S&PF staff to deliver a high-caliber, full suite of S&PF programs.
  • Represent the agency on Regionwide committees associated with S&PF programs.
  • Provide assistance to the states in the development of their Statewide Assessment and Resource Strategy, including the linkage to research.

Facilitate communication of State Foresters' research needs with IPIF; provide technology transfer of applicable research to State Forester; conduct staff work to improve communication and collaboration between IPIF research and Pacific Island foresters.

Current Emphases, Studies, Projects

State-Wide Assessments and Resource Strategies (S&PF program manager for Hawaii, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands)

Professional Internships in Pacific Terrestrial Island Ecosystem Management program (mentor to ongoing focus projects in Pohnpei and Kosrae, FSM)

Briefs for Criteria and Indicators, tropical supplement to the US National Report on Sustainable Forests – 2010

Ongoing committee membership:
  • Kaulunani Advisory Council to Hawaii's Urban and Community Forestry Program
  • Hawaii Forest Stewardship Committee
  • Federated States of Micronesia Forest Stewardship Committee
  • Technical Advisory Committee to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pacific Region
  • Advisory Council to the Forest TEAM program, Hawaii Community College
  • Education Committee, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry

Selected Publications

C. Sumida, F. Hughes, K. Friday . 2005. Albizia: the Tree that Ate Puna. [public informationbrochure]

Friday, K.S. and H.E. Perry. 2000. Evaluation of the Implementation of Hawaii County Property Tax Codes for Native Forests and Production Forestry. Poster presented at the Hawaii Conservation Biology Conference, Honolulu, August 2000. [Handout 6 pp + appendices]

Friday, K.S., M.E. Drilling, and D. Garrity. 1999. Imperata grassland rehabilitation using Agroforestry and Assisted Natural Regeneration.International Centre for Research in Agroforestry, Southeast Asian Regional Programme, Bogor, Indonesia.

Friday, K.S. 1999. Micronesian Mangroves: Harvesting and Caring for Our Mangrove Forests. IPIF, USDA Forest Service. [Video - available in (a)English, (b)Kosraean, (c)Pohnpeian, (d)Yapese, (e) Chuukese]

Friday, K.S. 1999. Mangroves Where We Live: Building Roads and Homes While Conserving Our Mangrove Forests and Reefs. IPIF, USDA Forest Service. [Video - available in (a)English, (b)Kosraean, (c)Pohnpeian, (d)Yapese, (e) Chuukese]

Friday, K.S. and R.W. Wescom. 1995. Overview: Agroforestry in the U.S.‑affiliated Pacific islands. Women in Natural Resources 1: 41—46.

Friday, K.S. 1992. Pag-Asa: Understanding Forest Conservation (1992 Philippines Trip) [Video – available in (a) English (b) Pohnpeian (c) Palauan (d) Samoan, (e) Yapese]

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