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Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry

Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry
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Please visit the Forest Service's national Employment web pages for broader information about emloyment, benefits,and student opportunities with the USDA, Forest Service.

Job Opportunities

The official location for all announcements for Forest Service positions in the competitive service is the Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs site at The following link has been created for your convenience to find more information on vacancies with the Forest Service as a U.S Citizens: Note: If you are consided a Federal Employee you will need to update the filter on the left to meet your specific criteria once you visit the USA Jobs website.

Our local "Job Opportunities" page is used to high-light particular vacancies and share informal information on student opportunites or internships.

Internship Program

The Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry offers summer internships to undergraduates interested in forests and related natural resource issues, whether their majors and career plans are in forestry or other fields. Internships differ from summer jobs in that student projects focus on a particular research, management or education topic. A high level of initiative and independence is required from the student, and supervisors are committed to mentoring the student and encouraging his or her professional development.

Interns sponsored by the Institute have graduated to a variety of forest-related jobs, including Community Forestry coordinator, forest research assistant, teacher, and fire suppression crew member. Others plan to attend graduate school.

The Institute works primarily through the following two University of Hawaii internship programs to attract applicants and match their talents and interests with specific internship opportunities. Hawaiian, Micronesian and Samoan students attending colleges and universities other than the University of Hawaii are also welcome to apply directly to these programs. Pacific Island residents of any ethnic background who are currently enrolled in college are welcome to send a resume and letter of interest to Dr. Katherine Ewel, Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry Education Committee, at

Micronesian-American Samoan Student Internship Program (MASSIP)

[Photo] Former MASSIP intern Tara Tara (now a marine science teacher at Kosrae High School) and Kosrae State Forester Erick Waguk measure harvested wood in a mangrove swamp on Kosrae, FSM (PHOTO: J. Allen)This program is for undergraduates from the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republics of Palau and the Marshall Islands, and the Territory of American Samoa. Students who have left the region to attend school are matched with internships linked with natural resource agencies on their home islands. Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry staff collaborate with island-based agencies or projects to supervise interns sponsored by the Institute.

University of Hawaii-Hawaiian Internship Program (UHHIP)

This program matches undergraduates of Hawaiian descent with summer internships in Hawaii working with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry or another scientific or management agency.

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