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Ecology and Management of Western Forests Influenced by Mediterranean Climate

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Robert F Powers
Emeritus Research Forester
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Phone: (530) 226-2543

USDA, Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station

3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding, CA 96002
Ph: (530) 226-2530
Fx: (530) 226-5091
B.S. Humboldt State University (Forest Management, 1966)
Ph.D. Univ. California, Berkeley (Physiological Forest Ecology, 1981)

Professional Experience

Emeritus Scientist, PSW Station (2008-present)
Research Program Manager, PSW Station (2002-2008)
Senior Scientist, PSW Station (2002-2008)
Science Team Leader, PSW Station (1995-2002)
Research Scientist, PSW Station (1970-1995)

Professional background and accomplishments detailed

Research Interests/Duties
  • How changes in organic matter and soil porosity influence net primary productivity in Sierra Nevada forests (the LTSP study)
  • How combinations of weed, nutrient and insect control influence water use, nutrient uptake, photosynthesis and biomass accumulation in planted pine forests (the Garden of Eden experiment)
  • How mitigative soil treatments can restore degraded sites

Selected Publications

Available Online

Busse, M.D., M.F. Jurgensen, D. Page-Dumroese, R.F. Powers. 2007. Contribution of actinorhizal shrubs to site fertility in a northern California mixed-pine forest. Forest Ecology and Management 244:68-75.

Busse, M.D., S.E. Beattie, R.F. Powers, F.G. Sanchez, and A.E. Tiarks. 2006. Microbial community responses in forest mineral soil to compaction, organic matter removal, and vegetation control. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36:577-588.

Knapp E.E., M.Busse, J. Morgan Varner III, C. Skinner, and R. Powers. 2006. Behavior and short-term effects of fire in masticated fuel beds. Proceedings of the Third International Fire Ecology and Management Congress, Nov. 13-17, San Diego, CA.

Ratcliff, A.W., M.D. Busse, and C.J. Shestak. 2006. Changes in microbial community structure following herbicide (glyphosate) additions to forest soils. Applied Soil Ecology 34:114-124.

Busse, Matt D.,, Ken R. Hubbert, Gary O. Fiddler, Carol J. Shestak, and Robert F. Powers (2005) Lethal soil temperatures during burning of masticated forest residues.

Busse, M.D.; Ratcliff, A.W.; Shestak, C.J.; Powers, R.F. 2001. Glyphosate toxicity and the effects of long-term vegetation control on soil microbial communities. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 33: 1777-1789.

Powers, R.F., Alban R.E., Ballenger E.A., Brennan T.J. 1991. Sustaining site productivity in North American forests: Problems and Prospects. “Sustained Productivity of Forest Soils,” 7th Annual American Forest Soils Conference Proceedings, 1990.

Powers, R. F., and W. W. Oliver. 1978. Site classification of ponderosa pine stands under stocking control in California. USDA For. Serv. Res. Pap. PSW-128. 9 p.

Soon Available Online

Powers, R.F.; Adams, M.B.; Fiske, J.N.; Joslin, J.D. (In press) Non-boreal coniferous forests of North America. In: Anderson, F.; Gessel, S. (eds.) Ecosystems of the World: Coniferous Forests. Elsevier, The Netherlands.

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Busse, Matt D., Samual E. Beattie, Robert F. Powers, Felipe G. Sanchez, and Allan E. Tiarks. 2006. Microbial community responses in forest mineral soil to compaction, organic matter removal, and vegetation control. Can. J. For. Res. 36: Pages 577-588.

Powers, R.F. 2003. Keynote: World trends in forests, forest use, wood supply. The Irony of California Forestry. The Challenge to Our Profession. p. 1-17. In: Cooper, S.L. (comp.) Proceedings 24th Ann. Forest Vegetation Management Conf. Univ. California Cooperative Exten., Redding, CA.

McColl, J.G.; Powers, R.F. 2003. Decomposition of small woody debris of California red fir: mass loss and elemental content over 17 years. Soil Sci. Am. Soc. J. 67: 1227-1233.

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Gomez, A.; Powers, R.F.; Singer, M.J.; Horwath, W.R. 2002. Soil compaction effects on growth of young ponderosa pine following litter removal in California’s Sierra Nevada. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 66: 1334-1343.

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Many more Publications will be added to this list. If you need assistance please contact the appropriate Principal Research Scientist.

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