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Programs and Projects


Ecology and Management of Western Forests Influenced by Mediterranean Climate

[image]: Team 1 - Soil Process & Site Productivity

Soil Processes and Site Productivity Research Team's research emphasis is to develop a fundamental understanding of how changes in nutrient supply, moisture availability and biotic communities affect the processes controlling site productivity and stability, with particular emphasis on manged forests.

Other key focuses include how changes in site organic matter and soil porosity affect the physical, chemical, and biological soil factors controlling site carrying capacity for net primary productivity, the biological potential of planted forests to capture carbon and retain when not constrained by nutrition, insect pests, or competition from other vegetation, the long-term impacts of intensive management on soil processes and forest productivity, and effective and practicable physical, chemical and biological indicators of soil quality and forest health.

[image]: Site Productivity


Matt D. Busse, Research Microbiologist, Team Leader
Nancy E. Gillette, Research Entomologist
Robert F. Powers, Research Forester Emeritus


Carol Shestak, Chemist
Alice W. Ratcliff, Biological Science Technician

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