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Pacific Southwest Research Station
800 Buchanan Street
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Albany, CA 94710-0011

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Programs and Projects


Cumulative Effects of Forest Mgmt on Hillslope Processes, Fishery Resources, and Downstream Environments

Photo of Thomas Lisle

Thomas Lisle
Project Leader
Research Hydrologist
Employee E-mail Address Image
Phone: (707) 825-2930

Pacific Southwest Research Station
Redwood Sciences Laboratory
1700 Bayview Drive
Arcata, CA 95521-6013

Ph: (707) 825-2900
Fx: (707) 825-2901

BA, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA, 1970.
MS, Univ. of Montana, Missoula, 1972.
PhD, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1976 .

Research Interests/Duties

Fluvial geomorphology.

Relation of watershed processes to aquatic and riparian ecosystems.

Current Emphases, Studies, Projects
  • Caspar Creek - Phase 3 Study Design
  • Upstream channel limits and nickpoint evolution
  • Bed load transport in gravel-bed rivers
  • Channel changes following the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens
    Selected Publications

    Lisle, T. E. 2008. The evolution of sediment waves influenced by varying transport capacity in heterogeneous rivers. Pages 443-472 in H. Habersack, H. Piegay, and M. Rinaldi, editors. Gravel Bed Rivers VI: From Process Understanding to River Restoration. Elsevier, Amsterdam.

    Lisle, Thomas E., Yantao Cui, Gary Parker, James E. Pizzuto, and Annjanette M. Dodd. 2001. The dominance of dispersion in the evolution of bed material waves in gravel-bed rivers. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 26, 1409-1420.

    Lisle, Thomas E., and Michael Church. 2002. Sediment transport-storage relations for degrading alluvial reservoirs. Water Resources Research.

    Lisle, T. E., K. Cummins, and M. A. Madej. 2007. An examination of references for ecosystems in a watershed context: results of a scientific pulse in Redwood National and State Parks, California. Pages 118-130 in M. Furniss, C. F. Clifton, and K. L. Ronnenberg, editors. Advancing the Fundamental Sciences: Proceedings of the Forest Service National Earth Sciences Conference. PNW GTR-689. USDA Forest Service, San Diego.

    Sutherland, D. G., M. E. Hansler, S. Hilton, and T. E. Lisle. 2002. Evolution of a landslide-induced sediment wave in the Navarro River, California. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

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