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Programs and Projects


Cumulative Effects of Forest Mgmt on Hillslope Processes, Fishery Resources, and Downstream Environments

Our mission is to gain a better understanding of the physical and biological processes that integrate terrestrial, riparian, and aquatic ecosystems at the watershed scale. To take an interdisciplinary approach to study the production and transport of watershed products (water, sediment, woody debris, nutrients, and heat) and their influence on physical and biological resources (such as water supply and fish populations). Using this improved understanding, to assist in the development of new management strategies for ecoscape management. More about this topic.


Caspar Creek Watershed Study For the past 39 years, researchers have been studying the nature of hydrologic, erosion, and sedimentation impacts of logging operations on northern California watersheds.

Turbidity Threshold Sampling (TTS) Study Turbidity threshold sampling is an automated procedure for measuring turbidity and sampling suspended sediment. The data logger program employs turbidity to govern sample collection during each transport event.

V*, Fine Sediment in Pools V* is a measure of the supply of excess fine sediment (sand and fine gravel) in gravel bed channels. The method was developed in 1990 as part of our work on the effects of sediment on channel form.

Rainfall at Redwood Sciences Lab Daily and 5-minute rainfall tables.

Cumulative Effects of Forest Mgmt on Hillslope Processes, Fishery Resources, and Downstream Environments with its primarly location at the Redwood Sciences Laboratory, is a research unit of the Pacific Southwest Research Station, headquartered in Albany, California. The unit and research station are part of the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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