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Air Pollution and Global Change Impacts on Western Forest Ecosystems

Stephanie Pincetl
Research Social Scientist
Phone: (951) 680-1540

Pacific Southwest Research Station
Forest Fire Laboratory
4955 Canyon Crest Drive
Riverside, CA 92507

Ph: (951) 680-1500
Fx: (951) 680-1501


Ph.D. Urban Planning UCLA
M.A. Cultural Anthropology University of California, Davis

Research Interests/Duties

Stephanie Pincetl works on land use and governance in cities and urban regions and the transformation of natural environments. She studies the economic, health, distributional (equity) impacts of urban natural amenities or degradation. Her methodological emphasis is on rules, rulemaking and decision-making processes: how rules affect who participates and the outcome of participation.

The types of decisions she analyses include: land use, infrastructure, environmental preservation and management. To understand these decisions she studies the history of decision-making, the history of institutions and of rules and rule changes. She is interested in the interaction of "hard" influences (rules, rights) and "soft" influences (norms, attitudes, discourses) on how issues are framed and discussed, on how they are resolved - nor not.

Over the past several years, she has conducted collaborative research with biophysical scientists and economists in the interest of creating socioecological understandings of contemporary land use and governance issues. This approach recognizes the complex interactions between culture and nature in shaping the environment humans live in and manage.

Dr. Pincetl is affiliated with the Institute of the Environment at UCLA where she has an office, and teaches in the UCLA Urban Planning Department. Dr Pincetl was previously the Associate Director of the USC Center for Sustainable Cities and was responsible for organizing projects and developing curriculum.

Selected Publications

Faber S.; Costanza, R.; 2006. Linking Ecology and Economics for Ecosystem Management. Bioscience, 56 (2): 121-133.

Jonas, A.E.; Pincetl, P. 2006. Rescaling regions in the state: the New Regionalism in California. Political Geography 25: 482-505.

Pincetl, S. 2004. The Preservation of Nature at the Urban Fringe. In Up against the Sprawl: Public Policy and the Making of Southern California, Wolch, J.; Pastor, M. & Dreier, P., (Eds.) Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Pincetl, S.S. 1999. Transforming California, A Political History of Land Use and Development. Johns Hopkins University Press, 400 p.

Pincetl, S.; Gearin, E. 2005. The Reinvention of Public Green Space. Urban Geography 26 (5) 365-384.

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