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Atmospheric Deposition Impacts on Western Forest Ecosystems


Proceedings, International Symposium on Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Forest Ecosystems.
Bytnerowicz A, MJ Arbaugh, SL Schilling. (Tech. ed.) 1998.
Riverside, CA 1996 Feb 5-9., USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report 166
Albany, CA. pp 332

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Table of Contents (chapter titles/authors)

Ozone Injury Responses of Ponderosa and Jeffrey Pine in the Sierra Nevada and San Bernardino Mountains in California
PR Miller, R Guthrey, S Schilling, J Carroll

Ozone Air Pollution in the Ukranian Carpathian Mountains and Kiev Region
O Blum, A Bytnerowicz, W Manning, R Minnich

Nutrient Fluxes in Forest of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Comparisons with Humid Forest systems
DW Johnson, RB Susfalk, RA Dalhgren, V Boucher, A Bytnerowicz

Concentrations and Deposition of Nitrogenous Air Pollutants in a Ponderosa/Jeffrey Pine Canopy
A Bynerowicz, ME Fenn, MJ Arbaugh

Predicting Nitrogen Flux Along a Vertical Canopy Gradient In a Mixed Conifer Forest Stand of the San Bernardino Mountains in California
MJ Arbaugh, A Bytnerowicz, ME Fenn

Indicators of Nitrogen Status in California Forest
ME Fenn, MA Poth

Nitrogen Deposition Effects on Coasts Sage Vegetation of Southern California
EB Allen, PE Padgett, R Minnich

Seasonal Influences on Ozone Uptake and Foliar injury to Ponderosa and Jeffrey Pines at a Southern California Site
PJ Temple, PR Miller

Effect of Ozone Exposure on Seasonal Gas Exchange of Five Western Conifers
NE Grulke, PR Miller, TD Leininger

Mature Ponderosa Pine Nutrient Use and Allocation Resonses to Air Pollution
MA Poth, ME Fenn

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