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Quantification and Characterization of Trout Creek Restoration Effectiveness

Full title: Quantification and characterization of Trout Creek restoration effectiveness


Lead Researchers: Nicole Beck, 2nd Nature LLC


Many stream and meadow restoration projects have been implemented throughout the Lake Tahoe basin over the past two decades. However a consistent definition of restoration effectiveness has not been defined nor have standardized methods been established to monitor and evaluate pre- and post-restoration conditions. This impedes the ability to define success for designers, funders and reviewers, and to communicate the benefits of stream restoration efforts to regulators and policy makers. In addition, the Lake Tahoe TMDL and associated Lake Clarity Crediting Program heighten the need to define and standardize a simple yet representative approach to estimate the water quality benefit of stream restoration efforts in the future. This research will: 1) apply the standardized approach of both simple and complex observations of Trout Creek to characterize pre and post-restoration stream reach condition by implementing the methodology and protocols of previously funded SNPLMA research (Round 7 and Round 8), 2) develop a simple methodology for the Stream Load Reduction Tool for local resource managers to predict the relative water quality benefits (total and fine sediment load reductions) as a result of stream morphologic modifications and floodplain restoration efforts using Trout Creek and Upper Truckee River as the tangible examples, and 3) enable load reductions from stream restoration to be accounted for in the Lake Tahoe total maximum daily load (TMDL) and Lake Clarity Crediting Programs.

Expected date of final products: March 2012.
Progress Report available for download

Schedule of milestones and deliverables

The project is expected to start in July 2009 and is scheduled to continue through March 2012.

Del# Task# Deliverable/Task Start Date End Date
1 Contract or Agreement May 2009 Jul 2009
a PSW establishes agreement with 2ndNature
b 2ndNature establishes agreements with subcontractors
2 Trout Creek Characterization Plan Jun 2009 Mar 2010
a Obtain any applicable Trout Creek physical, chemical, and/or biological data that 2NDNATURE may not have Jun 2009 Jul 2009
b Draft Trout Creek Characterization Plan and present to Technical Advisory Committee Aug 2009 Jan 2010
c Revise and finalize Characterization Plan Feb 2010 Mar 2010
3 Trout Creek Characterization Mar 2009 Nov 2011
a Instrument and maintain sites Mar 2010 May 2010
b Evaluate sites using both rapid assessment and event‐based data collection Apr 2010 Jul 2011
c Manage database and data May 2010 Nov 2011
4 Data Analysis and Water Quality Predictive Tool Aug 2009 Nov 2011
a Integrate all relevant existing hydrologic, geomorphic, and water quality data from Upper Truckee River and Trout Creek
b Conduct data analysis to provide a method to estimate the water quality benefit of distinct changes
5 Technical Report: Trout Creek Characterization and Quarterly Reporting Jun 2011 Mar 2012
a Draft Technical Report/present to Technical Advisory Committee Jun 2011 Nov 2011
b Revise and finalize Final Technical Report Dec 2011 Mar 2012
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