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Urban Stormwater Fine SedimentFiltration Using Granular Perlite

Full title: Urban stormwater fine sediment filtration using granular perlite


Lead Researchers: Russ Wigart, El Dorado County Department of Transportation


The infiltration of stormwater is not always practical as a treatment BMP in the Lake Tahoe basin, so an effective and economical treatment alternative is needed. The operation of manned sedimentation or filtration systems for stormwater is not technically or economically feasible. Granular Perlite has been tested and utilized as an unmanned stormwater filter media. However, the benefits and costs relative to improving Lake Tahoe clarity are not well understood. In order to further the understanding of the benefits and costs of a perlite filter media as a treatment BMP in the Lake Tahoe basin, El Dorado County proposes to conduct full scale testing of this BMP in an existing urban stormwater system that currently discharges directly to Trout Creek.

Expected date of final products: December 2010.
Progress Report available for download

Expected date of final products:

November 2011

Schedule of milestones and deliverables
Milestones Deliverables: Starting Date Ending Date
Establish agreement between PSW and El Dorado County  Jun 1, 2009 Sep 15, 2009
Kickoff meeting      Sep 30, 2009 Oct 31, 2009
Quarterly Progress Reports  Dec 31, 2009 Dec 31, 2010
Develop Sampling Plan and Protocols  Sep 30, 2009 Dec 30, 2009
Design Filter System  Sep 30, 2009 Nov 30, 2009
Order, Fabricate and Install Filters  Oct 30, 2009 Dec 15, 2009
Monitoring Filter  Dec 1, 2009 Dec 1, 2010
Replace Filter Media  TBD TBD
Compile Results  Dec 1, 2010 Feb 15, 2011
Prepare Draft Findings Report  Jan 1, 2011 Feb 29, 2011
Prepare and submit final Findings Report  Feb 28, 2010 Apr 15, 2011
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