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Hydrologic Response of Sub-alpine Wetlands to Climate Change, Tahoe Basin

Full title: Hydrologic response of sub-alpine wetlands to climate change, Tahoe basin


Lead Researchers: Graham Fogg, University of California at Davis


The proposed work will evaluate potential effects of climate change on the hydrologic regime that supports the occurrence and health of groundwater-sustained sub-alpine wetlands, also known as fens. A detailed study of two fens in distinctly different geomorphologic settings will be studied over two years. Field measurements will be used to evaluate the hydrologic flow system, including inflows and outflows such as evapotranspiration. A calibrated model that links surface water and groundwater interactions (GSFLOW) will be developed to help assess the potential impact of climate change on the hydrologic budget, water levels, and water available for fen vegetation. The sensitivity of the calibrated model to measurement errors made in the field will be addressed and incorporated into the assessment of the response to climate change.

Expected date of final products: May 2011.
Progress Report available for download

Schedule of milestones and deliverables
Task/Deliverable Start Date End Date Description
Submit quarterly reports and/or presentations Jun 2009 Jan 2011 Submit brief progress report to Tahoe Science Program coordinator by the 1st of July, October, January, and April.
Install field equipment Summer 2009 Summer 2009 Install piezometers, rain gauges, temperature sensors, and other equipment
Preliminary model development Dec 2008 Jun 2009 Use existing data to develop and calibrate a preliminary 3D GSFLOW model for sensitivity analysis
Install field equipment Jul 2009 Oct 2009 Install and maintain additional equipment as necessary based on sensitivity analysis
Calibrate model Oct 2009 Jun 2010 Use field data to recalibrate the model based on physical parameters and the systems response to precipitation events
Remove field equipment (?) Oct 2010 If no further use of the equipment is identified
Final report Jun 2010 Jan 2011 The final report will be submitted and a presentation will be made if requested
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