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Evaluation of Montane Forest Genetic Resources in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Full title: Evaluation of montane forest genetic resources in the Lake Tahoe basin: Implications for conservation, management, and adaptive responses of Pinus monticola to environmental change


Lead Researchers: Detlev Vogler, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station; David Neale, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California at Davis; Patricia Maloney, Department of Plant Pathology, University of California at Davis


Forest trees species are primary terrestrial ecosystem components and conservation of their genetic resources warrants special attention. Evaluation of adaptive genetic diversity of forest resources in the Lake Tahoe basin will allow us to detect the sensitivity and potential vulnerability of populations of Pinus monticola (western white pine) to environmental change (introduced organisms, climatic warming, and climate-driven outbreaks of native insects). Identifying patterns of adaptive variation at the landscape-level will constitute a valuable tool to design conservation, management, and forest health monitoring strategies for forest tree species. We are taking an ecological and genetic approach to better understand the interaction of landscape characteristics (geology, climatic gradients, soil properties) and evolutionary processes (gene flow, selection) on ecologically important plant traits (water-use efficiency, disease resistance, phenology, and growth) of western white pine across the LTBMU, to determine the adaptive potential of this forest tree.

The project started in June 2009 and is scheduled to continue until June 2013.

Expected date of final products: June 2013.
Progress Report available for download

Schedule of milestones and deliverables
Activity Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
1a SNP genotyping (Neale Lab & UCD Genome Center) X
1b Stratify, sow and culture western white pine seeds/seedlings at IFG X
1c Perform sequence analysis, and measures of diversity, neutrality, and structure (Neale Lab-UCD) X
1d Generate well interpolated climate data (UCD) X
1e Continue working with soil survey data (UCD – NRCS) X
1f File quarterly reports (IFG) X
2a Continue culturing, maintaining western white pine seedlings and record keeping (IFG) X
2b Determine % germination (UCD – IFG) X
2c Year 1 phenology and 1-year height growth measurements (UCD – IFG) X
2d File quarterly reports, attend meetings (IFG, UCD, Neale Lab) X
3a Continue culturing, maintaining western white pine seedlings and record keeping (IFG) X
3b Year 2 phenology, 2-year height growth, and water-use­efficiency measurements (UCD – IFG) X
3c Carbon stable isotope analyses (_13C)/water-use efficiency, use as a diagnostic tool (UCD) X
3d Genotype –phenotype association studies (Neale Lab – UCD)  X
3e Genetic database development (Neale Lab – UCD) X
3f Data analysis (environmental, ecological, and genetic associations), GIS maps (UCD) X
3g Publish results (IFG, UCD, Neale Lab) X
3h File quarterly reports, attend meetings (IFG, UCD, Neale Lab) X
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