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Performance of Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The unique climate, geology, vegetation, environmental management practices, and desired water quality in Lake Tahoe result in conditions and water treatment processes that are unique to the Lake Tahoe basin. This study will develop recommended standardized protocols for monitoring, reporting, and evaluating the performance of erosion control projects in the Lake Tahoe basin. 

Full title: Development of a BMP performance assessment and data analysis system for the Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS)

BMPLead Researchers: Alan Heyvaert, Desert Research Institute; Eric Strecker and Marc Leisenring, Geosyntec ConsultantsNicole Beck, 2NDNATURE, LLC; Ed Wallace and Brent Wolfe, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants; Charles Goldman, University of California, Davis

  1. Develop standardized protocols for monitoring, reporting, and evaluating BMP performance in Lake Tahoe
  2. Create a functional database populated with Lake Tahoe-specific hydrologic and water quality data to inform BMP performance predictions, BMP design, and BMP maintenance approaches.

Sites: Database of sites throughout the Tahoe basin

BMPTimeframe: October 2007 through June 2010 (2.75 years)

Expected date of final products: January 2011.
Progress Report available for download


  1. Technical memo outlining the technical and management need for and utility of a Tahoe BMP database.
  2. Technical memo summarizing and prioritizing BMP performance data gaps and needs in the Tahoe basin, including a list of monitoring activities that could potentially assist in filling those data gaps.
  3. BMP performance monitoring and reporting protocols guidance document.
  4. A concise, initial BMP database statistical summary report.
  5. Technical memo with implementation strategy outlined. The final draft will be submitted to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency TIIMS Technical Team for consideration.
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